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Opal Pendants

Opal Pendant jewelry is a highly personal choice.

 First a person must choose a gemstone as today there are so many different gemstones on the market.

The Queen of Gemstones, opal is now one of the most popular gemstones for this jewelry.

 Each solid Fire Opal pendant is unique, and this is the most attractive aspect of these jewelry pieces as you can buy design, shape and colour that suits your personality.

 Most opal pendants pieces are unique one-off creations.

 Sterling silver for opal pendants today is very popular due to increase in gold prices and silver jewelry does blend well with middle price range of pendants with boulder, white, fire and Ethiopian opals.

Black opals are mostly set in 18k gold and can have diamonds set around them or one or to just to compliment the design.

 Many opals set in jewelry including necklaces have stone that flashes fire in one direction So when the jewel makes this deign he allows for brightest fire to face person standing in front.

If the stone s fire faces all directions it would be in a ring. so many pendants are larger size due to how it is formed naturally and makes an attractive creation around a female’s neckline.

 Some designs are best suited to long drop necklace that swings when she walks or tight choker style like necklace especially if it is larger stone.

 A simple service necklace comes with most opal pendants.

Designs can be cluster design, and this is good for opal doublets and triplet opals as they do match in fire color.

The more expensive stones are set in gold jewelry and are more single simple design for modern designs but traditional designs with lots one pointer diamonds are still popular with older generation So many choices in this jewelry field, first do you like silver or gold jewelry?

 Do you like simple, traditional or modern design?

 And then the most important questions is what type opals do you like and then what colour and what brightness and fire colours.

 If buying jewelry piece for yourself or as gift also ask yourself will he jewelry be worn all time or just for dress up when going out at night?

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