October Birthstone Is Opal

content_1384897838jpg Opal is the October birthstone and includes any opal from around the world 01 October, 2006

The October Birthstone:

Revered As A Symbol Of Love,Hope And Purity, Coveted For Its Fire.

The October birthstoneis one of the most lustrous and radiant of gems – an ever-changing depth of fiery iridescence – ever refracting, ever reflecting, always giving wonder and delight.

It is Opal. And it just might possibly be the perfect gift!

Child As Beautiful As Love

The ancient Greeks upheld the opal as a sign of purity and hope. The ancient Romans believed opals kept the wearer safe from harm and called opals cupid paederos, child as beautiful as love.

The October child has been blessed with one of the most beautiful birthstones on this earth, many say the most beautiful. For thousands of years opals have been regarded as a source of imparting inner beauty and faithfulness to the wearer. For centuries royal families have included opals in crowns and necklaces as a talisman for protection, calling them the “Queen of Gems”.

An Heirloom For Life

Opals fit perfectly into all the phases of life – birth, setting forth, romance and giving, learning and loving, aging gracefully and contentment.

An opal birthstone is the perfect gift for the birth of a child – a treasure that grows in value and wonder as the child grows through to the years of grace where opals are valued by many for their reputed ability to recall past lives and to aid sight.

The romance of opals is legendary. Cleopatra is said to have worn opals to attract Mark Anthony, Queen Victoria was a passionate collector, opals were set in the crowns and necklaces of rulers who believed in their protective powers, and Aborigines believe in the spiritual value of opals, believing they represent a sign or presence of an ancestor.

But it is not only in the halls of the famous that opals are found. They hold a precious place in the everyday gifts exchanged by loved ones.

One of the highest qualities of opals is their timeless beauty. Because of this, an opal necklace, an opal bracelet or other piece of opal jewelry is frequently treasured and handed down as a family heirloom.

Maggie was given an opal ring by her mother, which had been given to her mother in her early twenties by her father, Maggie’s grandfather.

“I love this ring,” Maggie says. “I get endless pleasure just moving my finger so slightly and catching glimpses of the most incredible colors. Having the mental image of my mother wearing it just adds so much to the pleasure. I’ve already told my daughter I will be passing it on to her and she loves that thought.”

As Much An Investment As A Gift Of Love

Opals are mined around the world from countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Czechoslovakia, and within the USA. However, Australia has long been recognized as the home of the most stable, the most rare and beautiful opals.

Australian opal is delved from the remote regions of the outback, regions rich in legend such as Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge, redeemed from the red earth by larger-than-life characters driven by a fierce love for opals.

Giving your loved one a black opal birthstone is as much an investment as a gift of love. Some of the finest specimens cost more per carat than diamonds. Although opals are classified as a semi-precious stone, their value has increased up to 30% over the last few years increasing their desirability for many collectors and investors.

Think of the birthstone jewelry you wish to give. You will discover a range of artistic designs, often inspired by the land where the opal was delved, which are as diverse as they are stunning. Everything from a sculptured or simple birthstone ring or an intricate, multi gem and opal pendant to a solitary birthstone gemstone.

If you find an opal earring with a ‘near identical’ pair you have a rare and valuable find, as no two opals are exactly the same making them all the more highly prized.

Fire Gem Of The Australian Outback - The October Opal Birthstone

White opal, rough opal, fire opal, crystal opal, black and boulder opal and more all explode with a variety of color to outstrip the rainbow. Dozens of dazzling hues pulsate with an iridescence known as ‘fire’. Simply moving the stone causes a vivid display of colors as light splits across the opal’s surface.

Understandably, many first time opal owners say they were entranced, and the sight of their first opal lit a fire that grew to a passion.

Black Opal, mined from Lightning Ridge, is the most rare and valuable opal. Though it is called Black Opal it is a deceptive name derived from the dark depths of the gem’s base that enhances the brilliance of a kaleidoscope of color.

Another of the world’s most unique, most sought after and highly prized opals, Boulder Opal, is found only in the Australian outback, in northwest Queensland and along the boulder opal belt of the New South Wales border country.

Possess You Own Unique Piece of Australia – Easily, Securely

Australia based .com company, Opal Auctions, know how to ensure their clients experience the Wow Factor, and have rightly earned their reputation as opal experts having sold over 50,000 opals around the world to consistently ecstatic feedback from clients.

Wayne Sedawie, managing director of Opal Auctions says: “We have received absolutely fantastic feedback from 99.7% of our customers. We are constantly hearing, Wow, even from experienced collectors.

“Because we are so passionate about opals ourselves, we feel the excitement and astonishment of our buyers and that drives us on even more to improve our site and our service,” he says. “A love of opals is like that. It drives a passion throughout all areas of your life. Even the Australian Opal basketball team draws inspiration from the fire within the opal.”

Opal Auctions say their site is its own gem field stocked with valuable nuggets of information, samples, and spectacular opal videos.

“Even experienced opal-holics are guaranteed to find an array of stock to take their breath away,” Sedawie says.

Give Flight To The Imagination

An exquisite birthstone opal, delved from the Australian outback, alive with colors trapped for a million years, is always the right investment and always the right gift.

More than any other birthstone gem, the magical, mystical October birthstone gives flight to the imagination, and the heart.

Other opal information

Opals are unique.

Opals are mainly mined in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.

Lightning Ridge is the home of the most famous for its black opal mining.

It had been established that 90% of opal mining/production comes from Australia.

Opals are extremely rare because of its play of colors.

Opals’ colours can come in flashes of red, green, purples, sunset orange, yellows,pinks, blues and some even golden.

The variety of amazing color play in the opal stone makes it interesting, mesmerizing and absolutely unique.

The play of colors in the Opal are often referred to as “pin fire”, harlequin, rolling mackerel, ribbon mackerel, broad flash, peacock harlequin, floral harlequin,flag harlequin, broadflash, chinese writing, mintabie harlequin, miontabie harlequin broad flash and broad pattern.

Opals’ formation had been determined to have been made up of small uniform spheres of hard transparent silica that fits in a three dimensional order like on top of a “batch” of silica solution.

The light rays go through the spheres that are transparent that when directly hit,it bends and deflects at different angular form and therefore produces a rainbow of color effect.

Opals are now becoming rare due to the fact of the massive flooding on the opal mines. Running out of traditional opal fields and the difficulty of finding new mines are extremely putting a strain on the industry in Australia.

Due to these facts, Opals have now become rare and have become a gemstone that people invest in.

Opals are now getting very popular with investors buying rare and exquisite gemstones that have a massive play of colors.

Opals in Australia can be found mainly in Lightning Ridge in New South Wales,Coober Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka in South Australia, Yowah, Koroit,Quilpie in Queensland.

These places produce a variety of opals from black, white, milky white, crystal and boulder.

Boulder Opal is different from Black opal.

Boulder opals has been formed from ironstone or matrix with very thin veins of colors.

There is also a Yowah Nut opal which has been formed as shapely round or kidney shaped wherein an opal is formed in the centre. This opal can only be found if the nut had been cracked open.


Solid Opals – as described is a complete single piece of opal stone. This stone had been cut with the precision of the most important of all the “the color bar”.

An experienced opal cutter has the ability to recognise the colour bar, as soon as he starts cutting the stone. A good color and a fine polish makes the opal well sought after.

Doublet Opals – are made by slicing through a thin layer of color bar of crystal opal then attaching this thin layer of clear crystal opal to a black potch or a black onyx.

The process then gives the clear crystal opal the base to make its color shine through and gets noticed because of the black background from the potch or onyx.

Triplet Opals – are made of three different components. First a thin sliver of crystal clear opal is sliced, then cemented onto a potch or onyx. It is then capped with a clear quartz, making it look like a sandwich.

You’ll find the October birthstone available for purchase all over the Internet. When you’re looking to buy October’s birthstone, make sure the vendor has

Large range of opals available;

a totally risk-free satisfaction guarantees; and

credibility, with customer testimonials and quality customer service. You should be careful to avoid vendors who only offer a few hundred opals on their site, or place restrictions on your ability to return an item.

All opal sellers on opalauctions are verified and act professionally in all deals

Of course, if you’re looking to buy October’s birthstone as inexpensively as possible – ensure you buy directly from Australia!

We make giving the October birthstone as easy as possible. Our web site lists several thousand items for sale, and provides free delivery and gift wrapping for your special purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about October’s birthstone,

Give a gift they’ll cherish forever this Birthday

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