October Birthstone - Opal

October Birthstone - Colorful OpalIf you were born in October, you are fortunate enough to have one of the most unique and radiant gems as your birthstone. This is a stone that was highly regarded the by ancient Greeks as being a gem that symbolized hope and purity. The ancient people of Rome believed that this gem was able to keep the wearer safe from harm. For centuries and beyond, this gem was believed to have imparted faithfulness and inner beauty to those who were fortunate enough to wear this stunning gemstone. In fact, it was a popular stone for royal families to use in their talismans and crowns to protect the wearer. These people referred to the opal as the “Queen of Gems”.

No matter what age the person is, this is a gem that is a great gift at any part of the life cycle. You can give this to a child after they are born as this is a gem that seems to only get more valuable over time. It even is said to help the child remember their past lives and improve their eyesight. These are gems that have timeless beauty, often handed down through families as an heirloom. Every single opal is its own unique gemstone, meaning that you could have 5 opal pieces of jewelry and the gems in each would have its own distinct look to them. This is especially true if you get various different opals. The white opal, crystal opal, fire opal, rough opal and black opals are all appealing options that buyers will love to give to their loved ones.

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Romance Of The October Birthstone

The romance of opals is legendary. Cleopatra is said to have worn opals to attract Mark Anthony, Queen Victoria was a passionate collector, opals were set in the crowns and necklaces of rulers who believed in their protective powers, and Australian Aborigines believe in the spiritual value of opals, believing they represent a sign or presence of an ancestor. October Birthstone - Colorful Opal

But it is not only in the halls of the famous that opals are found. They hold a precious place in the everyday gifts exchanged by loved ones. One of the highest qualities of opals is their timeless beauty. Because of this, an opal necklace, an opal bracelet or other piece of opal jewelry is frequently treasured and handed down as a family heirloom.

The black opal variety of this gemstone is mined from an area called Lightning Ridge. This type of opal is widely considered to be the rarest and most valuable opal that you can purchase today. While it is called the black opal, it actually just gets the name from the darker color at the base of this gem which only enhances the stunning color. The boulder opal, another rare and incredibly unique opal, can only be found in the Australian Outback in the northwestern part of Queensland and along what is known as the “boulder opal belt”. 90% of the production and mining of opals actually takes place in Australia. These gems are becoming increasingly rare for a variety of reasons, including flooding in the mines and running out of gems in the older mines while being unable to find any newer ones to mine from. October Birthstone - Colorful Opal

The opal is an incredibly unique gem that has such a wide variety of colors and formations. Because they are becoming rarer by the day, this is also a gem that people are purchasing just to invest in as well as because of the stunning look that you can find. Each of the opal varieties come with their own very distinct look, creating one of a kind pieces that will truly show your loved ones how special they are.

As Much An Investment As A Gift Of Love

Opals are mined around the world from countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia and within the USA. However, Australia has long been recognized as the home of the most stable, the most rare and beautiful opals.

Australian opal is retrived from the remote regions of the outback, regions rich in legend such as Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge. Pulled from the red earth by larger-than-life characters driven by a fierce love for opals.

Giving your loved one a black opal birthstone is as much an investment as a gift of love. Some of the finest specimens cost more per carat than diamonds. Although opals are classified as a semi-precious stone, their value has increased up to 30% over the last few years increasing their desirability for many collectors and investors. October Birthstone - Colorful Opal

Think of the birthstone jewelry you wish to give. You will discover a range of artistic designs, often inspired by the land where the opal was delved, which are as diverse as they are stunning. Everything from a sculptured or simple birthstone ring or an intricate, multi gem and opal pendant to a solitary birthstone gemstone.

If you find an opal earring with a ‘near identical’ pair you have a rare and valuable find, as no two opals are exactly the same making them all the more highly prized.

opal jewelry

Fire Gem Of The Australian Outback - The October  Birthstone

White opal, rough opal, fire opal, crystal opal, black and boulder opal and more all explode with a variety of color to outstrip the rainbow. Dozens of dazzling hues pulsate with an iridescence known as ‘fire’. Simply moving the stone causes a vivid display of colors as light splits across the opal’s surface.

Understandably, many first time opal owners say they were entranced, and the sight of their first opal lit a fire that grew to a passion.

Black Opal, mined from Lightning Ridge, is the most rare and valuable opal. Though it is called Black Opal it is a deceptive name derived from the dark depths of the gem’s base that enhances the brilliance of a kaleidoscope of color.

Another of the world’s most unique, most sought after and highly prized opals, Boulder Opal, is found only in the Australian outback, in northwest Queensland and along the boulder opal belt of the New South Wales border country.

Give a gift they’ll cherish forever this Birthday 


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The greatest gem in the world, definitely lit a passionate fire within me!

31st Aug 2021

Opal is my birthstone. Born Oct. 31. Whew! I almost missed it! Just like when I see a full moon, when I see an opal I can't resist gazing at it and thinking to myself, wow! How beautiful!

16th Apr 2018

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