The Healing Power of Opal

the healing power of opalLong ago, in 1983, I went to London to complete a course of training that would be life-altering. I decided to buy myself something special to mark the occasion. At Camden Market, I chose an Opal ring. This was in the days before I knew anything about crystals and crystal healing, and I cannot believe that I made such an excellent choice!

All through my training, I loved looking at the Opal in my ring, turning my hand so that the Opal could catch the light and impress me with its sparkling array of colors. When I look back on my career, which began by completing that course, I see how well the Opal inspired me, bringing me enormous success.

Whilst diamonds may be considered “a girl’s best friend” because of their inarguable value and status, there is no question that the most dazzling stones of all are Opals. At the gem shows, the Opals always steal the limelight because of their astonishing and exquisite colors which literally take your breath away.

blue common opal healing powersPictured above: Blue Owyhee opal (only found in Oregon, USA) without play-of-color

Even plain Opals – Opals without color – deliver an unparalleled healing energy. In Crystal Healing, we use Common Opal in almost every single session, because of its effects. We place one form of Common Opal, called Cacholong, under the heels. Cacholong is perhaps the whitest of all the minerals. The White Light from the Cacholong goes into the entire energy system, generating a receptivity to healing in all the cells of the body. We place another form of Common Opal under the hands during the healing session, and these Opal stones stimulate metabolic dynamics, including detoxification.

Fortunately, we don’t need to know anything about Crystal Healing to experience the magic of Opals – as demonstrated by my personal experience. We can access the healing properties of Opal very, very well by wearing Opal jewelry. The different forms of jewelry offer different metaphysical dynamics.

white opal gemstone pendant for healingPictured above: Precious white opal pendant necklace

A Pendant

An Opal pendant will naturally rest on the heart chakra, or the high heart, depending on the length of the chain. An Opal offers a very interesting effect on the heart chakra. It acts as a kind of lens, magnifying the good energy coming into the heart chakra at the same time as magnifying the loving energy emanating from the heart chakra. If you have trouble feeling loved or expressing love, it will be helpful to wear an Opal pendant.

precious black opal healing pendant with diamonds

Pictured above: Precious black opal pendant with diamonds

Pendant on a Short Chain

If you wear an Opal on a very short chain, the Opal will hang at your throat chakra. At the throat chakra, the Opal will assist you in self-expression. If you are a singer or actor, your voice will sound more resonant when wearing an Opal. If you are an artist or designer, you will find yourself exploring colors in an inspired manner. If you are a writer or speaker, your words will flow differently and you will find yourself using more imagery.

healing crystal opal gemstone earringsPictured above: Crystal opal earrings


Earrings make very interesting metaphysical jewelry for at least two reasons. Firstly, they are typically worn in matching pairs, encouraging left/right balance. Secondly, as you move your head, the earrings move too, catching the light and stimulating a flow of healing energy. If you wear Opal earrings, they will affect the throat chakra in the same way as a pendant on a short chain affects the throat chakra; and they will also affect the third eye and crown chakras.

Wearing Opal earrings will trigger the capacity to turn a problem around in your head so that you view it from different angles. This is actually a necessary method for problem-solving but not a skill that many have. When we view a problem from multiple angles, we gain insights and wisdom, offering remedies and solutions.

precious opal healing ring with cubic zirconiaPictured above: Precious opal ring

A Ring

Rings make phenomenal metaphysical jewelry because of the amount we move and use our hands. As we move our hand through our energy field, the Opal imparts its healing energy. Additionally, we can look at the Opal so easily, when we are wearing it on a finger – and I am willing to bet that everyone who owns an Opal ring spends many, many moments gazing at its beauty.

Because the ring reaches all the chakras, it influences all of the chakras from crown to root. Therefore, a ring will magnify the good energy we receive and the good energy we emanate. It will assist in self-expression. It will enhance problem-solving, and give us insights and wisdom. It will also affect the solar plexus chakra strengthening our will, energizing our sacral chakras stimulating our chi energy and fortifying our root chakras consolidating our relationship with the natural world.

healing jelly opal pendant with citrine and amethystPictured above: Jelly opal pendant with citrine and amethyst

I’m sure you can see now why I am impressed that I chose an Opal when I embarked upon my career! And remember, I didn’t know any of this back then. I wonder which kind of Opal you will choose?

About the Writer: Vivien Schapera is a Teacher, Healer, and Author who has developed a new form of Crystal Healing called Crystal Surgery. You can visit Vivien at

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