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The GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia) in 1993 started Nomenclature which is a definition of this type of opal. The title given to this type of opal is Black Dark Opal.

The Body tone chart has Dark opal set at rating of N5 to N7 while Black opal has a body tone of N1 to N4.

Many buyers get confused between the Brightness chart and the body tone chart. The brightness chart refers to the intensity of the play of color while the Body Tone chart talks about the darkness of the body of the opal.

This class of opal can be confusing but some of the brightest opals to come out of the ridge are black dark opals with brilliant fire and patterns. Opal is also a personal choice and different colours and patterns appeal to certain buyers as if you’re looking for ring or pendant opal.

This category has the complete range of magnificent patterns that the ridge is known for. The opal mined can be seam opal but also Nobbys are found with incredible patterns and large percentage are cabochon so they make ideal flashy fire ring stones and represent good value.

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