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Buy silver opal pendants direct from manufactures and opal miners.

Many opal miners send their rough opal to be cut in Asia as it’s so expensive in Australia and once in Asia there are many factories that make handmade silvers settings.

Local jewellers make the expensive opal pendants

 Simple bale setting drilled into top of the opal is popular, but these factories can make handmade bezel set pendants for one off freeform shape opals and these look so artistic and good value.

 Black opal pendants can be expensive as the opal is rare but smaller opals or opals with pattern are ideal to go into silver settings.

 Boulder opal pendants are larger in size and can have simple bale on top and both sexes wear these boulder opal pendants for casual wear.

 Crystal opal pendants have good fire colours and can be crystal from Lightning ridge or white fire opal from Coober Pedy.

 All make cute pendant settings and Ethiopian opal pendants show strong fire colours and good colour for day or night wearing this opal is hydrophane and does reflect light so good.

 Inlay opal pendants are crystal inlayed so lot blue to green colours and multi fire ones are rarer but all look good in silver settings.

 Doublet opal pendants are one of the most popular settings as opals shows lot colour as focal or single stone.

 Triplet opal pendants show lot red fire patterns and colours and many people think it looks like black opal but they are set base and top.

Opalite opal pendants are great for that cats eye effect with silky green hues make this different from other opal pendants.

 Pink opal pendants are new from west Australian opal fields and colours are natural pink so its good romance and love opal pendant.

 Prase opal pendants are deep green colours and is sometimes called African jade Yowah opal pendants have ironstone brown patterns that look unique with silver Once again its so many personal choices of design that appeals to people