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Black Opal With Chinese Writing

Black Opal With Chinese Writing

Recently demand has been strong for black and crystal opals that has Chinese characters in the pattern. Watch as we get a Chinese teacher to interprate what some of our Black Opals say.
  • 12th Jun 2016
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How Opal Miners Search For Opals

How Opal Miners Search For Opals

Opal mining is a tough business and it starts with drilling a hole to find Opal. Check out some of the techniques used to find Opal.
  • 8th Jun 2016
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Opal Doublet Information

Opal Doublet Information

An Opal Doublet is a thin layer of precious Opal cemented onto a backing, usually a piece of Black Opal or Ironstone. Opal doublets are an affordable alternative to a solid Opal.
  • 30th May 2016
  • 6
What is a Harlequin Pattern Opal?

What is a Harlequin Pattern Opal?

A Harlequin Opal is the rarest opal in the world. We will explain what is needed in a stone in order for it to be classified as a true Harlequin Opal an we will show some of the examples we have for sale.
  • 5th Apr 2016
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Verification Programs

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