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About Juniper Mountain Gem and Mineral

About Juniper Mountain Gem and Mineral

Juniper Mountain Gem and Mineral was founded in 2015 with the opening of Red October Mine in western Lake County, Oregon. We opened with the intent to provide a high quality, responsibly sourced, environmentally conscious option to the colored gemstone ma
  • 5th Jan 2017
  • 4
Opal Sheriff Program

Opal Sheriff Program

The Opal Sheriff Program is a world first program that allows customers to request a review on any item listed on Opal Auctions.
  • 21st Dec 2016
  • 2
Opal Inlay

Opal Inlay

Opal Inlay is a method of using thin Opal chips in Jewelry to create a beautiful and interesting pattern. Learn how they do it and how to look after them.
  • 22nd Mar 2017
  • 1
Ethiopian Opals Grading And Patterns

Ethiopian Opals Grading And Patterns

We created a guide to all of the Ethiopian opals patterns and grading factors to help buyers with selecting the best possible opal for the price. It outlines the key features of this type opal.
  • 27th Feb 2017
  • 33
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Opal Auctions is the opal industry’s leading online website. We began in 2004 with a group of Black Opal miners. Now we have opals from all of the Australian opal fields as well as Ethiopian, Mexican, Brazilian and over 2 dozen other types opal.

We developed a level playing field to make buying opals easier for opal lovers. We started the first ever online verification process to make sure our Opal sellers are industry oriented and true opals lovers. We started he Opal Sheriff program to give more confidence to our opal buyers so you can compare on an equal playing field.

We now have 136 verified specialist opal sellers selling direct to you.

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Verification Programs

Verification Programs

All sellers on Opal Auctions must comply with our Verified Sellers program which ensures a high degree of industry knowledge, consistent refund policy and wholesale pricing.

Verification Programs

The Opal Sheriff program allows our members to request an audit on any auction, which is completed by an independent gemologist who assesses the accuracy of the item description and pictures.

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