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Opal Doublets direct from the Opal mines ,we have all shapes and sizes for sale including oval Opal , round pear shape and freeform shape The top of the opal is solid but this natural crystal opal and is glued onto natural ironstone base The glue is very important a s you are bonding two different structures together so two part glue is used and other new technologies make new strong gluing processes So these opal do last well in everyday wear and offer top opal colour at fraction price .This back is natural ironstone form the opal fields in Queensland Australia . Crystal opal is used to make these doublets .It is labour intensive as crystal has to be cleaned and made ready to glue in ironstone. Some crystals have inclusions and they are normally cut out so crystal is clean and looks bright Crystal opal can be from Lightning Ridge or from south Australian opal fields of Coober Pedy, and they have opal shells that have been opalized and these make bright doublets Some times these doublets are made cabochon as cutter follows shape of the opal shell and cuts ironstone to fit so when they are set they look like natural opalized shell. The Body tone of some crystal can be low body tone but when set onto backing this enhances the colour and makes it deeper and brighter so it could high body tone Parcel doublet opals can be made when cut form the same rock and these are popular to make matching sets pairs, earrings ,pendant’s or rings as its difficult to get other types opals to match like opal doublets

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