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Opal Doublet Parcels

Opal Doublet parcel s direct from the Opal mines ,we have all shapes and sizes for sale including oval Opal , round pear shape and freeform shape When the opal miner finds seam opal ,the opal cutting factories like to buy these parcels a s they can make lot matching parcel lots The seam opal can be long bars and these are sliced on this blade saw cutting machine, these are thin cutting lines and not rotary saw blades You will notice on some doublet parcels that the same vein or line or inclusion is similar on lot opals in the parcel and this is good indication that they all were cut from the same opal rough piece Popular calibrated parcels are 6x4mm with 20 matching opals or 7x5mm with 15 matching opals and these are ideal to make sets jewelry as they areas close a s one can get with opals These are set in calibrated jewelry settings a s glued in or claw set Free form doublets are good to make creative one off jewelry. These doublets are mostly set hand made bezel set and the rough opal is usually cut to make set, and you will notice a lot of these are long elongated lengths as the opal could have been formed vertically so lot these are mad e into parcel 5 freeform doublets Some parcels are black opal doublets as these are doublets made in lighting ridge and have potch that is back on base. These are rare and are lot more expensive than south Australian opal doublets Ethiopian doublets a s parcel lots are also rare and not many are in the market yet