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The term Crystal Opal basically implies to any class of Opal such as semi-black, white or Black Opal which has a translucent, lucid, or semi-translucent body. This is also known as the diaphaneity of a mineral.

Crystal Opals showcase so many colours including most of those found in a rainbow and also known as eye stone.

The fineness of a Crystal Opal often provides a better lucidity and liveliness of colour compared with other solid stones. Pale and coloured Crystal Opals are normally more priceless compared with Black and solid white Opals.These opal can be also very bight

On body tone chart they rate N8 or N9 but it is the brightness and pattern that determines the price for these opals, as B1 is the brightest rating for any crystal and many crystals do rate high in this brightness chart which is recommended by the Australian Opal association

This opal is formed as seam or volcanic opal and when water has seeped into crevices and silica turned into opal after millions of year.

It is at this stage that the opal has formed into crystal as it has no potch or material connected to enhance the opal so is translucent.

If the opal formed on potch it could be black or if ironstone it could be boulder opal,so iti is still rare and unique formation to find clear vibrant crystal opals

This gemstone can be found in the same places where white and Black Opals are found. White Cliffs in New South Wales, Australia is famous for yielding excellent quantities of this gemstone . And also in other countries as Ethiopian or Mexican crystal opals

properties meaning is as a stone of inspiration which enhances creativity or fertile imagination

Mentally opal is said to enhance memory and to help keep clear head and not to be confused and it is said the vibrations of this opal and is associated with the heart chakra

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