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Creative jewelry is a branch of Opal Plus, which is a family run business. Wayne takes care of Opal mines and cutting and Estela looks after the jewellery side of the Business from designing to manufacture. We have two experienced opal jewellers who now make our jewelry ,one jeweller concentrates on traditional designs and uses lot of diamonds and the other specializes on opal jewelry with bezel set opal stone only. All our silver jewelry from opal rings ,opal pendants and opal earrings are now made in Asia . We concentrate with Thailand or Vietnam manufactures as their quality control is better than Chinese made opal jewelry 9 k,18k gold opal jewelry is popular but gold content made today is lighter than designs of several years ago when gold was cheaper, with gold around $1400 per ounce it is difficult to make to price points in our opal Jewelery range. Opals set in Silver has taken over now as price points are better for opal rings and opal pendants and rhodium plating does give professional finish and also silver plated with white gold does look very attractive. New metals are now being considered to produce quality opal jewelry including brass and bronze, these ancient metals are casted and do make stunning designs Opal Earrings are always popular but with opals it is very difficult to get matching opals so doublets and triplets are popular as matching opal earrings. Our opal silver jewelry is stamped 925 for sterling silver, that is 92% pure silver.
Queensland, Australia
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