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Opal Auctions is a wonderful place to buy Opal doublet pendants online as manufactures can delivery jewellery direct from the factory to you.

Opal pendants are generally made in 925 silvers as majority opal doublets have blue or strong colours that look so good in silver.

 Also silver 925 is easy for jewelry to work with and the final product is of high quality, a silver is flexible to bend, and this helps to protect the doublet opal.

Most opal doublet pendants also have larger bale than black opals, so you can wear with leather necklace or thicker silver chain.

Both are inexpensive and creates a smooth casual appearance when worn.

 The jeweller also faces the doublet opal in its brightest direction when worn around the neck and therefore so many doublet opals look so incredibly bright and attractive.

 As lot pendants are made from opalized opal shells there are lot freeform shapes, and this is another reason why doublets are so popular and its one off handmade creation that has magical appearance and other opals cannot offer this amazing appearance.

 Cluster opal pendants are also popular as its relatively easy to obtain matching doublets compared to solids so cluster design is very creative.

Swing designs also are popular as the focal opal is steady but opals on chains swing and display the magical opal colours.

Diamonds are too expensive, so most silver pendants use CZ’s which are manmade and look classy around silver design pendants.

 Most opal doublet pendants are not rhodium plated, but pure 925 silver hand polished.

Majority Indian or Chinese jewelry manufactures rhodium plate, but Australian standards are high and 925 is silver which 92.5% silver and added alloys like copper.

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