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Boulder Opal Wire Wrap
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Buy Wire Wrap Opal Pendants Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions is a great place to buy Jewelry online as manufactures can delivery jewelery direct from the factory to you. Wire wrapping can be a great hobby a s the opal is rock shape or freeform shape Boulder matrix or boulder opal and vegetation opal is ideal for wire wrapping.it is important to use sterling silver which is 92.5% silver as some cheap wire are just plated wire.

 Wire gauges got from 14 to 26 GA and 925 are best suited for working with opals.

 Most these stones are double sided so best to make design that can be worn on both sides so simple bow bale on top and wire on side to hold the stone in place.

 Other tools required are pliers and cutters and start twisting an d wrapping these stones Lot other gemstone s are made into wire wrap pendants and some other opal fields to consider are -

Pink opal from western Australia ,as these are large and chucky and obtain good polish. Spencer opal form usa is also large freeform size and looks attractive pendant.

 Prase opal is bright green colour and looks good wire wrapped in freeform shapes.

 Opalite opal has cates eye effect and colour bars are thick to make sure you polish cats eyes effect before setting in wire wrap. 

Tiffany opal has purple hues and black potch veins and wire wrap can follow these veins of colour. 

Peruvian opal is bit small can you can make small size pendants with this opal and nice jade green colour