What is Your Favourite Opal Pendant?

Solid Opal pendants are treasured for their distinctive color plays, which range from the fieriest reds to the deepest blues and everywhere in between. Choose the colors that are pleasing to your eye and capture the combinations you find most appealing. Each opal is as unique as its wearer.

Most Opal pendants are free form shape and claw-set; some are bezel-set. All are hallmarked sterling silver or 10, 14, or 18-k gold. Designs can be modern, traditional, or creative and with or without diamonds. Doublets and triplets are available, too. Most opal pendants include a chain with purchase.

Source your Opal pendants direct from jewelry manufacturers. Opal sources include Boulder Opals from Queensland Opal fields or Black Opals from Lightning Ridge.


Modern day Opal pendants are designed to show the Opal as the focal stone with afew diamonds on the sides to compliment the Opal.

Traditional designs that are still popular range from cluster settings of several opals in one pendant to Princess Diamond design which has a focal opal with Diamonds around them.

Cluster design Opal pendants are popular with a center diamond.

Sterling silver Pendants today are mostly doublet or triplet Opal and solid Opals are mostly white fire opal or crystal opal.

Opal pendants are mostly claw set with few hand bezel set.

Bezel set suits free form boulder opal or crystal opal from Australia or Brazil opal.

Boulder Opal necklaces are popular with younger generation under 30 who now prefer boulder opal with hole drilled through and worn on leather necklace.

Silver inlay ed pendants are also popular with this age group.

No matter what age group the advantage with opal is the color range and how different the colors appeal to the opal buyers a swell as the pendant design. The choice is matter of taste.

Boulder Opal is ideal to make pendants as boulder opal is free form and the jeweller can make hand made bezel set pendant to hold the opal firmly in place with the bezel edge protecting the boulder opal. Some boulder opal pendants do have claw sets and this is suitable for boulder opal that is slightly cabochon or rounded. Boulder Opals with straight edges are not suitable for claw settings and should always be bezel set.

Opal Inlay Pendants and earrings are also popular. The inlay opal is solid crystal opals from lightning ridge or Cooper Pedy and they are shaped to fit to a pendant or earring setting. The back is dyed black helping to enhance the opal color so the Opal color is brighter.

Crystal Opals that are thicker make ideal crystal opal pendants and earrings, clear blue crystal opals are popular.

Triplet and doublet opals are mostly claw set and display strong fire opal colors, care should be taken not to get the triplet or doublet opal wet when showering as it can effect the color.

Triplet Opals have man made top and bottom with a slice of natural opal in between. Doublet opal has a slice set on an ironstone base enhancing the strong color. Due to the opal enhancements it is relatively easy to find matching pendant and earrings opal colors with triplets or doublets.

Diamonds are a personal choice in a jewelry setting,some buyers prefer to have a few diamonds spread out other buyers prefer just opals with no diamonds.

If an opal pendant has no diamonds they can be added if a buyer requests.

A Solitaire diamond is easy to add to an opal pendant but not channel set rows of diamonds. Diamonds can easily be added to bale of the pendant complimenting the opal design.


An opal pendant can have an intricate border or it can be just a basic design. Whatever the form, they all compose of some basic aspects. Most of the top pendant has to be fixed with a chain referred to as a “bale”where the chain is attached. Sometimes, an opal pendant is composed of two bales where the chains thread through twice, or it can have a comprehensive pipe as the bale can be fixed through.

Sometimes, a tiny hole is pierced through the Opal itself and the bale suits through that hole. This design can centralize the whole stone, or the design can be an element of the bale at the peak.

It is easier to purchase a pendant for somebody than a ring because of issues of not knowing the right finger size. Opal pendants have been used as a symbol ofhope and good luck.Opal pendants have been known toboost up emotions, so if you swap Opal pendants with your partner, you can actually improve your relationship.

Importance of Opal Pendants

Opal pendants look elegant and attractive. Opal pendantsmake up a significant part of precious stone or jewelry lovers’ collection. They are considered lucky with natural healing powers which adds good luck to the wearer.

Dendritic Opal Pendant

Dendrite Opals can be quite rare. Dendrite is the name given to any opal with tree or fern like patterns in the opal.These pendants are highly sought after due to the unique patterns.

Ethiopian Opal Pendants

Ethiopian Opal Pendants make some of the brightest pendants. Ethiopian opals have only begun to be mined commercially in the past few years.

Gold Boulder Pendants

Gold Boulder Pendants are attractive because it has a shady body tone which increases the play of color. Because of its Ironstone content the boulder opal is considered tough and durable important for a pendant.


Intarsia are a mosaic of beautiful opals that have been infused to glass. The jewellery pieces are amazing as it looks like one flawless piece. The opal coloris emphasized on a black backing.

What is Your Favourite Opal Pendant

Koroit Pendants

Koroit Pendants are boulder opals that can be found in opal fields in Queensland, Australia. It consists of a diminutive colors with ironstone backing.

Wire Wrap Pendant

This pendant is distinctively crafted with sterling silver wires crafted into unique patterns giving the opal a very art and craft feel.

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