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Buy opal and gemstone pendants online at wholesale prices for natural stones a s no man made stones are on this site .

These designs are modern futuristic designs and its only been in recent years that the market has appreciated opals as focal stone with gemstones surrounding the stone In the Past the jewellers would set diamonds around the opal but today they are far more creative and can make a creative unique piece of jewelry.

  Black opal and gemstone pendants can have mixed gemstones including bumble bee jasper to aquamarine or tanzanite Boulder opal and gemstone pendants    do have some with large bales as the boulder is larger size and blends well with colours bumble bee and some have mystic quartz on top a sdark fire colours blend well with ironstone colours .

Doublet opal and gemstone pendants are popular a s the opal doublet can have bright fire colours and can be used as focal or as additional smaller stones. 

The pendants mix well with large variety gemstones including Topaz,Bumbelbee,Jasper,tanzanite,Aquamarine,Garnet and pearls blends in well with blue color opals.

 white opal and gemstone pendants these white opals blend well with Australian sapphires a s single focal stone or a s cluster stone son top of the setting. 

Crystal opal and gemstone pendants especially emeralds look fantastic in green emerald with sea blue crystal opals blend to create fresh new look. 

Solid opal and gemstone pendants includes multi fire opals set with tanzanite and blue to purple opals do look great with this gemstone set in sterling silver.

 Today most gemstone pendants are hand made bezel sets and do come with service chain to wear as necklace but these chains are plated not sterling silver

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