What is Your Favourite Opal Bracelet?

what is your favourite opal braceletA popular choice for any age, Opal Bracelets offer timeless beauty and elegance. Whether your searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, or wanting to spoil yourself, an Opal Bracelet from Opal Auctions is a fantastic choice. 

With an unlimited range of Opal colors and types, paired with beautifully intricate bracelet designs, you can shop with ease direct from the manufacturer. Unsure of which design you like best? 

We have curated a detailed list below of the different meanings of a number of popular Opals, to help you choose your favourite stone to pair with your favourite bracelet style.

Quick History of Opals

Opals have been highly regarded and prized worldwide from as early as 250 BC, in Ancient Roman times. Ancient Romans believed that Opals were a symbol of hope and luck. Opals even often featured in Aboriginal dream time stories. While Australian Opals discovered during the late 1800’s struggled within European markets, their commercial value rapidly increased in the 1900’s. By 1932, Australia became the major producer of Opals worldwide and has since remained to this day.

Opals have remained popular with people of all ages over the centuries because of their unique beauty. Their rainbow-like display, which is created from their intrinsic micro structure diffracting white light into all colors of the spectrum, offers a unique pattern and coloring to each Opal. With a vast range of beautiful Opals to choose from at Opal Auctions, you won’t have any trouble picking out your next favourite stone.

Types of Opals

Black Opals:

Australian Black Opals are easily the most widely known type of Opal and the most valuable. Characterised by a dark body tone and impressive bright colorings throughout, Black Opals are a popular choice for many people. Mined at Lightning Ridge in Australia, the Black Opal’s inherent value is due its rarity. Few Opal miners happen upon a Black Opal in their lifetime and those who do, are considered extremely lucky. Black Opals are often believed to strengthen one’s character, or to ‘be yourself. This meaning is thought to derive from the fact that Black Opal’s color remains black, which in turn could symbolise remaining true to one’s self.

Black Opal Bracelet

Black Opals often have incredibly vibrant colors throughout its body. The darker quartz-like layer of the Black Opal enables greater refraction and reflection of light at the top of the Opal, which allows for an array of vibrant colors to appear. It is the red flash Black Opals that are more valuable, although each Black Opal has its own beauty and uniqueness regardless of its color. Gold Black Opal Bracelets will always look amazing and impress. 

White Opals:

Also known as Milky Opal, Australian White Opal are distinguished by their pale white or light body tone. White Opals can display any combination of spectral colors, ranging from reds and blues, to purples and greens. The main difference between White and Black Opals, is that they tend to have a more subdued play of color than their darker counterparts. This is largely due to their lighter body color. In terms of meaning, White Opal is thought to offer clarity and good luck to the wearer. As far back as Ancient History, people believed that the White Opal could heal disordered energy and feelings. 

White Opal Bracelet

Most White Opals are mined in South Australia and are the most common form of Opal. However, good quality White Opal that has impressive brightness and pattern can substantially increase in value. White Opals are a popular choice for those wanting a beautiful new piece of Opal jewelry, for a decent price.

Boulder Opals:

Boulder Opals are easily identifiable by their mixture of solid brown ironstone with thin veins of colorful opal. As the name suggests, Boulder Opals are mined from huge ironstone boulders underground in Queensland, Australia. Opal cutters have to leave the ironstone on the back of the Opal to form a full sized stone because the veins of colorful Opal are extremely thin. 

Black Opal Bracelet

The thin layer of Opal within Boulder Opals can display any color of the spectrum, which exudes uniqueness and extreme beauty. In terms of meanings and motifs, Boulder Opals are thought to alleviate depressive mind sets, help the wearer find both true love and future success. It is also thought to be a talisman of hope and strong faith. Many believe that different colors of Boulder Opals can aid natural healing. Regardless of their meaning, Boulder Opal Bracelets are a beautiful option for those who are searching for jewelry that offers uniqueness and beauty.

Opal Bracelets

Now that you have chosen your favourite Opal, it is important that you pair it with an equally beautiful bracelet. Opal Bracelets are an excellent way to don your beautiful Opal and can be the finishing touch to your next outfit. Below we have listed the most popular styles of bracelets to suit anyone’s style.

Silver Opal Bracelets:

Silver Opal Bracelets incorporate naturally formed Opals with beautiful silver designs. Silver Opal Bracelets offer a trendy and affordable way to accessorize your outfit and highlight the beauty of your new Opal. Yowah or Boulder Opal bracelets are generally larger in size and the brown ironstone blends in beautifully with the silver jewelry. Alternatively, the jewelry will add other gemstones into their bracelets, including Zircon, fossils or even mother of pearl shells. With a range of Opals from Black Opal to Crystal Opal, there are plenty of Silver Opal Bracelets to choose from at Opal Auctions.

Silver Opal Bracelet

Gold Opal Bracelets:

Gold Opal Bracelets are another beautiful way to wear your favourite Opal. The fire flash colors of the Opal bounce impressively off of our 18k gold bracelets. Jewelers often incorporate solid Boulder or Black Opals with gold bracelets, while Fire Crystal Opals are a popular choice of Opal for a tennis bracelet design. Alternatively, solid heavy 18k gold settings can be made into bangles, which are suitable for men to wear too. Triplet Opals set in 9k or 18k gold are another popular alternative, due to the fantastic value in price.

Gold Opal Bracelet

Silver Plated Opal Bracelets:

Similar to Silver Opal Bracelets, Silver Plated Opal Bracelets offer a more affordable alternative. Silver plated jewelry is simply sterling silver plated over a base metal. Beautiful natural Opals can still be infused into the bracelet and the silver plating is just as stunning as full silver jewelry. Aside from the substantial price difference, the only distinction between the two is that Silver Plated Opal Bracelets require more attention to care, as the plating can rub off if not treated correctly. However, regardless of which bracelet design you choose, your beautiful Opal bracelet will be both a stunning and valuable new addition to your collection.  what is your favourite opal bracelet

Found your favourite Opal Bracelet? Why not match it with a beautiful pair of Opal earrings or even an Opal necklace to complete your set.


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