What is Your favourite Opal Bracelet?

Bracelets are valuable item to collect in your jewellery closet. If you’re looking for a bracelet, opal auctions should carry all you might need. Bracelets date back during ancient times, indicating their value throughout history. Opal is said to show healing properties such as success, hope, and is even known as the stone of the Gods.

There are many types of opal ranging from black opals in Lightning ridge, to Boulder opal from Queensland and Ethiopian opal from Welo and Gondar. The best bracelet opal tends to be Ethiopian as cabochon or domed opal look the best in a jewlery setting standing out as they display more colours.

Early Romans related opal with hope and luck. There are varieties of opal colours that signify diverse meanings. For example, white Opal bracelet is a stone for making better connections while Fire opals are said to increase your energy. Pink Opals are known asa stone of harmony and serenity and blue Opal is a gemstone that will pacify unreliable emotions and improve personal courage. Opal bracelets are typically seen with tanzanite stones as well as, Ruby and Emerald.

It is ideal to complete the match with Opal rings, necklaces, and earrings. Because opals show many colours bracelets can be worn and matched with any outfit. If you are purchasing an opal for your loved ones, just consider their colour preferences in order for you to find that special gift.

Opalescence of the Opal Bracelets

This ability to change colour is known as opalescence and is one of opals exceptional characteristics. The stone has the capability to replicate and refract particular reflections of light. This act of colour truly makes opal jewellery come alive!

Doublet Opal Bracelet featuring a lovely Gold plated bracelet that would be a great as a gift.
Gold Opal bracelets should have an exceptional design based on its size, design and style. Opals that match the gold colour are rare and extremely valuable.

Most Silver Boulder Opal Bracelets are mined in Australia where narrow veins of opal create a wonderful and unique gemstone. Most boulder opal is flat so it is rare to see a beautiful cabochon (domed) boulder opal.

Silver Doublet Opal Bracelet

Be in trend with a dazzling Silver Opal bracelet. These bracelets are decorated with silver and are an ideal accessory to your outfit.

Silver Inlay Opal Bracelets
This Silver Inlay Opal Bracelet are a spectacular and amazing set of jewellery. This breath-taking bracelet features a beautiful cuff of sparkling silver. The brilliant and cool hues of this Opal are the perfect complement to such a kind of bracelets.
Silver Solid Opal Bracelets

This bracelet is made up of solid natural opals and is apart of our elite collection, which is a striking selection of exceptionally designed bracelets. The jewellery is made up of an authentic silver and multicolour inlay using some of the finest silversmiths on the earth.

Silver Triplet Opal Bracelets

The stones in this bracelet create one of the most amazing colour combinations.

Solid Opal Plated Bracelets These bracelets use a particular combination of natural stones that have not been treated. The difficulty of finding good colour combination natural stones make these type of bracelets fairly expensive.

My Australian opal bracelet is probably my most prized possession. The bracelet part itself is made of beautiful white gold of a high purity (although I could not tell you the carat of it, as I rarely pay attention to such things.) It is made with an intricate Celtic weaving design which looks just absolutely stunning on my wrists. There are all sorts of swirls and crosses, zigzags and flowers flowing in a continuous pattern all around the perimeter of the Australian opal bracelet. The best part of the bracelet, however, is the beautiful opal stone at the center of it.

The opal bracelet is made with one of those lovely, iridescent kinds of opal which so rarely keep their beauty unless expertly preserved and veins in the opal make one stare into the stone for hours. Believe me, when I first got the opal bracelet, I lost whole days to staring into the lovely depths of that stone. Although the design on the opal bracelet is exquisite, it is the stone itself which makes it one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

You see, there are no other stones which are as interesting as opal. Sure, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires all shine brighter, but what is so special about merely reflecting light. An opal stone is a gem that has depth and character, something that you can just look at deeper and deeper until you are lost in its depths and textures. Wearing, say, a diamond necklace or a sapphire choker merely says that you have money, albeit lots and lots of money. But wearing an opal bracelet says that you have class and good taste, and perhaps hints as well at untold depths of your soul which have yet to be plumbed by whoever you are making the acquaintance of.

The strangest thing about my opal bracelet is that I can’t remember where or when I got it. I guess I would be almost tempted to think that I always had it, except for the memory of, when I was a teenager, not having any jewelery that I liked, and heading out to the thrift store to get some. There is no way I would have felt deprived of jewelery if I had already had the Australian opal bracelet at that point!

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