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Buy Koroit Opal Pendants Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions is a great place to buy Jewelry online as manufactures can delivery jewellery direct from the factory to you. Opal pendants are generally made with necklace strap that is adjustable

Koroit opal make attractive natural pendants as each one is formed unique and hard to find and exact piece unless it was cut from same rack with same colour bar.

If the rough opal piece is thick over 4 mm the cutter can drill hole sideways and sting on necklace but if opal under 4 mm it is best for cutter to drill hole in front and attach bale or necklace thread

Also these opals can be worn both ways a s sometimes the pattern will be on both sides of the stone as one side might have more colour and the other side might have more patterns than colour

Koroit is known for its deep chocolate colour ironstone with unique wild patterns and colours can vary greatly is so many shades dark to deep browns ,than caramel to bone colours and this is what makes these opals so attractive before we even look at colours of the opals as patterns are so striking an d unusual

Also the cutter has to make decision does he cut and polish the pendant horizontally or vertically as which way will show most pattern?  If cut on top it might be all over speckles colour or one side look more like tree veins so even opals cut from the same rough opal will have completely different pattern and style and this is why people enjoy Koroit opal pendants s so much.