Opals From all Over The World

Opals Of The World are now in nearly ever corner of the Globe 

Australian Opals have been the main source for Opals over the last century with an estimated 97% of production coming from Australian Opal fields

The newest fields are Ethiopian they started producing opals in commercial quantities just over 10 years ago. The oldest recorded opal mines are in Slovakia which produced crystal opals.

Opal buyers can view all these fabulous opals of the world online to compare and contrast the spectacular display of colours that no other gemstone displays.

From Rare Harlequin black opals to stunning Honeycomb patterns on Ethiopian opals each country offers a opal that is unique. Giving each owner the pleasure of owning their own individual piece that no one else has. Compared to other gemstones that really do all look so similar from sapphires to rubies to even diamonds

But opal has been created by mother nature so unique that it is rare to get two matching

This is one reason why opals are so popular and getting expensive as demand is increasing more than supply

Top opal producing areas now include


Lightning Ridge Black opal at Lightning Ridge NSW

Black opals from Lightning ridge are body tone N1 to N4 for black and N5 to n6 for semi black or dark opals

Boulder opal from Queensland

Boulder opals are found over huge area of Queensland and is ironstone with inclusion of opal Color infused on in seams. Matrix boulder opal also has veins inclusion colours

Coober Pedy opal from South Australia

Coober Pedy produces good fire to white opals and crystals from south Australian opal fields and the crystal opal makes good doublets or triplet opals.

Pink opal has been found in western Australia and similar composition to mookatite.

Tintenbar opal is small opal field in new south wales that is volcanic opal.only small production and mostly made into doublets.

Andamooka is famous for its painted lady opals. The opals are not pained but are formed naturally this way


Crystal opal from lightning ridge are generally stronger multi fire crystals than South Australian opals and also is formed in beep blue to clear opaque opals.


Welo opal stones

Ethiopian opals

Welo Opals are opals mined in the mountainous region named Welo.

Mezezo opal is volcanic opal and is hydrophane and is known for beautiful patterns from honeycomb to snake patterns.

Large pieces rough is sold a s specimens as they may have cracks or inclusions before they are cut into   stones.

Smoked opals are treated natural crystal opals that have dark to black appearance when treated.



America opals are spread over large area Utah to nevada.

Virgin valley has reputation as the  most unique opal specimens and most opals are offered as stabilized

Utah has Utah lace Opal , it looks like agate , coloured silica sinister opal. It was formed by hot liquid silica depositing a seam of haylite opal. Also Candy stripe is found in Utah

Spencer opal Idaho is often made into doublets to strengthen the opal slices.



Mexican Fire opals

Crystal fire opals look beautiful as faceted mexcian fire opals in deep orange  to yellow sunset fire hues or a sartstic design shapes to make into unique jewelry

Leopard opal has play colour known as Zimapán, colour spots in solidified volcanic ash.

Cantera opals have opal hues imbedded into natural potch which can be ivory to cream to brown hues and are good cabochon opals

Madagascar opals are beautiful sunset to yellow hues and known as Pyrophane Opal or Girasol fire opal



Brazilian opals have good reputation for stable opal due to low water content and have unbelievable beautiful crystal opals. Also the country has beautiful two tone yellow hues crystal that faceted into stunning stones with earthly colours.Opal also forms in feldspar in some opal fields



Honduran opal is volcanic and varies considerably from milky white fire to dark to black matrix, known as black matrix opal which is porous and hard to obtain smooth polish. Honduran black opal can have beautiful banded opal veins in different strong colours, so unique.


Slovakain opal has earthly colours yellow to browns and some banded patterns as wood replacement opal, but has no play of colours a s most other opals do.



Indonesian opals

Local sellers do sell lot Ethiopian opals as Indonesian opal ,but is now hard to find local opals except for the petrified wood opal which is mostly treated by cooking but shows stunning patterns. The country also has some opalite



Tanzanian opals is the green colored Prase opal with some orange rolling cats eye opals but small production. Also some yellow hues dendritic opal.



Peruvian opal is found high in the Andes mountains in pink and blue green colours and sometimes mixed in druzy chalcedony

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It is amazing as 20 years ago I thought that just Australia produced 99% of the words opals
But today so much is coming out of Ethiopia in Africa and the prices are very reasonable
I have seen the American opal with wood vegetation and now we have Indonesian wood type opals and I find these pleasure to view. They look like petrified wood as black charcoal colour compared to quartz looking opals like honey or Prase opals.
The big question is which country’s opals will rise more in the future?

2nd Aug 2016
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