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Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal Stones For Sale

We have this separate crystal opal category exclusively for Lightning

ridge crystal opals.

Generally these crystal opals can be righter fire than from other opal fields and also some are the rare black crystal opal

When opal is formed it is silica consistency and this silica can form in pockets or as seam opal in layers.

So when n opal forms it can be on potch or just in sandy bedrock or shin cracker material that the opal cutter will cut of and leave clean crystal. But some opal will form on grey potch and even fewer will form on black potch. This opal is called black opal and sometimes the opal will have dark body tone like N1 or N2 but have no black potch and these are called black crystal opals, which are very rare and can display stunning patterns

Lightning ridge crystal opals are known for sun fire or sunset fire opal colours and some can be stunning a patterns and also have reputation that these opals are good to wear in dull light or going out at night a slight reflection can be very good on these opal’s

The opal fields of Cochran produced lot nobby opals so these opals can have good cabochon and reflect fire colours all the way around so are ideal opal rings stone