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Ethiopian Opal Rough is now one of our most popular categories for rough opals as these opals offer good value to new and professional opal cutters .

Most of our sellers source their Ethiopian rough opals direct from opal miners and need government approval to take it out of the country and now have to purchase cut stones also so this is making prices increase slightly,

New cutters can buy parcel lots of Ethiopian rough opals and learn how to cut and polish on any basic cutting equipment. This type of opal has thick colour bars so is very good to learn opal cutting.

Many professional cutters will work a parcel to find those stone that have potential to have a pattern that is unique such a s Honeycomb, snakeskin, Patchwork or Fish scale as these patterns can be expensive gems.

Popular opal fields include Menz Gishe District, North Shewa Province, Welo, wello or Wollo rovince And Wegel Tena field.

Most opal cutters prefer to buy single pieces of Ethiopian rough opals and if a piece of rough has cracks in them they are called specimens. This means the cutter should cut the opal along the crack lines so to obtain best opal from this piece of rough. Most are translucent but some rough are chocolate colour and have fire red colours and others have dark base. These are called Dark brown Ethiopian rough opals.

Some people name this black opal but it hasn’t not been approved by gemmologist groups as black. Most black opal sold is actually smoked Ethiopian opal and parcel lots rough have been sold as black opal to unsuspecting buyers.

All of our sellers are verified and have product knowledge on Ethiopian opal and have to list any treatment of Ethiopian rough opals.


When opal arrives and you are not 100% happy you can return for refund.

But if you alter or cut the rough it is yours and we cannot exchange

However, if you touch any piece, you are excepting ownership and negative feedback cannot be left.

But comments can be made as neutral if the rough opal didn’t cut to your expectations.

Please study carefully before cutting

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