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Buy Peru opal direct from miners in high mountains of Peru.

This opal is also called Andrea opal or Paraiba blue opal

The Andes mountains are high and cold and Peruvian Opal is a sedimentary rock formed in this region over millions of years

The beautiful sea blue to pink translucent colours are popular to make into silver jewelry and in Peru they make traditional tribal silver direct from the famous silver mines and this is around 90% pure silver

Ancient legend is that it considered as a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca goddess of fruitfulness and Mother Earth. Even ancient Mayans had these gemstones

Crystal meaning of Blue Peruvian opal is said to give one confidence and is associated with the throat Chakra

Crystal meaning of pink is s id to help compassion and is heart chakra

Blue opal colour is from process minerals heavier in chrysolla and this has lot copper inclusions in this mineral and makes fresh sea blue colour and pink has more iron in its structure to make beautiful natural pink hues, and that is why you have two colours in Peruvian opals .

Opals from Peru are mostly cabochons and idea rough for opal cutters to learn how to cut opal

It is good to facet and good material for opal carving or keep and polish as specimens

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