Opal Earrings

Opal can be a great addition to a woman’s collection of earrings. The stones can be used with any dresses and for many purposes as the colour of the opal changes depending on the angle. Opals can be found in several colours such as light blue, vivid green, orange, red and light yellow. Light green and blue opals are the most general colour of opals and when used in earrings look the best on individuals with blue or green eyes.

Opals can be classified based on the opal fields they are found. The most famous and beautiful Black opals hail from Lightning ridge Australia, Boulder opal from Queensland and Ethiopian opal from Welo and Gondar Ethiopia.

Because of their beauty and difficulty to find black opals are the most expensive. The brightness of colour is a deciding aspect when it comes on the prices of these gemstones. The rarer the colour; the more expensive will be the cost of the opal. Due to the difficulty of finding opals the prices are steady or getting more expensive

One significant thing must consider while buying a pair of Opal earrings is the reality that no two Opals will ever look the same (unlike bags or dresses)because of the distinctive pattern of each gemstone. Opals are great with earrings because of the earrings flexibility and` tendency to sway they tend to show off the opals colors from all angles. They can be used casually on even on festive occasions.

Due to the unique quality of each opal, wholesalers must hand-select from bulk parcels in order to find matching sets for opal earrings. It is especially challenging to find matching solids, like Black or Boulder opals. You can look forever and never find a match!

Most opal earrings are set in sterling silver or gold and are made for pierced ears. Some of the opals used for earrings are solid, while others may be doublets or triplets.

Sometimes an opal miner will cut the opal into two so that the opals match but most times one side is always more brighter than the other.

For this reason black Opal pairs are highly prized as they are hard to match for earrings.

Boulder opals are formed different to black opals as itis formed inbetween ironstone.

The opal miner will cut a small nick at one end and over night the rock will split open to expose the opal.

Sometimes they are a good match and other times too much potch is on one side.

Boulder opal tends to makegood earrings as it easier to findnaturalpairs that can be closely matched.

Crystal or white opal is the easiest opal for matching pairs of earrings as it is formed in seam opal or layers making it more easy to bematched.

How Can You Tell the worth Of an Opal Earring?

Compared with other well-known gemstones, Opal is unique it does not have one price like gold. As a result it is hard to value for many the value is dependent on an individual’s point of view. Ways to tell the value is to determine what type of opal it is (ie black/boulder/doublet) and the brilliance of the colour.

Gold Black Opal Earrings

Black Opal Gold Earrings are the most expensive as black opal is hard to find and it is even harder to find a matching pair as each opal is different. Black opal earringsnot only look stylish and can be great investments due to their rarity.

Gold Boulder Opal Silver Earrings

Boulder Opal Silver Earrings are more common. Due to the ironstone backing they are typically used for engraving designs.

Crystal Opal Gold Earrings

Gold crystal Opal Earrings is the next among the best Opal. It’s translucent colour makes it easier to find a decent match.

Opal Doublet Earrings

Doublet Opal Silver Earrings are opals that have been enhanced, so they are not as expensive as other opals.Typically a thin cover of opal isoverlayona dark base to enhance the colour.They tendto be a reasonably priced set of jewellery and are great as gifts.

Doublet Opal Gold Earrings

Doublet Opal Gold Earrings are similar to the earrings above but the gold earringsadd to the colourof the opal.

Ethiopian Opal Earrings

Ethiopian Opals Earrings are popular in several countries due to their reasonable prices for the quality of colour. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Gold Opal Earrings

Gold Opal Earrings are a part of historybecause of its everlasting beauty. These earrnings should typically be kept and not given as gifts due to their rarity.

Inlay Opal Silver Earrings

Inlay Opal Silver Earrings designs have superior craftsmanship and aredesigned for the best play of colour with the inlay structurein mind.These earrings tend to provide the best value for money.

Inlay Opal Gold Earrings

Inlay Opal Gold Earrings are considered the first choice for a rising number of individuals who areseeking something new and different, this jewellery will help you to shine.

Silver Opal Earrings Silver Opal Earrings are truly a treasure, a representation of beauty and simplicity. These opals are proficiently cut or engraved with an excellent polish in several forms and colours.

Triplet Fashion Earrings

Triplet Fashion Earrings are common jewellery nowadays. It is an opal that has been already settled to its base with glass overlay on the top so it is tripled enhanced compared to the doublet with just the backing. Due to its enhanced colour, the jewel shines and sparkles like a flashy set of opal.

Opal Triplet Earrings

Opal triplet Earrings have many multi-coloured flashingopals that add to thesilver jewellery. For the silver lovers out there, this earring is a must!

Article below written by one of our buyers

My birthday is in the month of October. As I was growing up I was giving several different pieces of jewelry with my birthstone. The birthstone that is most often shown for the month of October is a bright pink zircon. I have never cared too much for the birthstone jewelry because the stone has a cheap look to me. I happened to mention this to my husband one day when we were looking into a jewelry case. The sales clerk over heard me and said that the actual birthstone for October is opal. She stated that pink zircon was often substituted because opal is such a soft stone so it does not wear as well. Many people like to wear birthstone pieces on a daily basis and opal does not stand up to that kind or wear.

I have always liked opals. There are many colors of opal as well as the traditional milky stone. Our wedding anniversary was a few weeks after we had the conversation with the jewelry clerk. For our anniversary we went out for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants. After we ordered our dinner my husband handed me a beautifully wrapped gift box. Inside was a pair of opal earrings. I was very pleased with the gift. The opal earrings were a fiery blue color that had many other colors as they reflected the soft lighting in the restaurant. The waitress had appeared with our salads as I was still admiring the opal earrings. She stated that her birthday is in October so that the opal is her favorite gem stone. I explained to her that I had just recently learned that the opal was my birthstone. As we were discussing October birthdays we discovered that we had been born on the same day.

Our laughing and lengthy conversation brought the manager over. He noticed the gift wrap on the table from the box that the opal earrings had been in. He asked if it was my birthday. We explained that it was our wedding anniversary. The manager had a bottle of wine sent to the table to help us celebrate the occasion. At the end of the meal a group of the waiters and waitresses brought over a piece of cake for us to share and sang us an anniversary wish. I told my husband that we should take anniversary gifts along to restaurants all the time if it meant free wine, dessert and special treatment.

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