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Buy Boulder opal earrings Online at Wholesale Prices for Boulder opal earrings, not man-made opals

Boulder opal earrings are perfectly suited to sterling silver settings.

This is due to most boulders are free form shape and large size and are best suited to silver bales on top of the opal or handmade bezel set with claw set when the opal is domed or rounded edges. These earrings are larger than most opal earrings due to how the opal is formed in cracks and inclusions in ironstone, so the opal miner can split open the boulder opal by placing a saw blade slice and overnight the opal splits into two sections and these make ideal opal earrings.

The opal is known as a split pair and sometimes one side is a stronger color than one side, but this is natural as cannot be perfectly the same.

Electric blue color or even natural brown ironstone color is the perfect combination for silver earrings.

Please note most boulder opal earrings are generous sizes so please take note on image in hand to show size.

Also note that boulder opals are not heavy as size might be large but most are only 2-3 mm thick opals, so they are strong but not heavy. Enjoy your Boulder opal earrings

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