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Buy Black Opal Gold Earrings Online at Wholesale Prices for natural black opal Earrings, not man-made opals.

Gold Black opal earrings are the most difficult opals to match for earrings.

This is due, in how the opal forms and extremely difficult to match as pair, so this is the main reason why you never see many gold block opal earrings.

Only the best and rarest black opals are set in gold settings and obviously thay are the most expensive

Even if the black rough opal is cut from side or top and bottom they are still not perfect match like boulder opal can be.

Deep blue colours are easiest to match and semi blacks. But to be black it must be body tone N1 to N4

Setting design can be bezel set or claw set and some are swing bales.

Enjoy viewing our small selection of black opal earrings set in gold.

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