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Buy Gold Opal Pendants Online at Wholesale Prices for beautiful  natural opal Pendants, not man-made opals.

 Some of Our verified seller’s own jewelry factories and manufacture their own gold jewellery and this gives them good control to make designs for different markets.

Only the best opals from each opal field are set into gold Pendant settings. Pendant designs can be traditional or modernist with swinging bales and some are dual mix white or yellow gold pendants.

 Opals set in jewelry can be real personal choice and design vary from age groups to different countries, but everyone loves bright fire opal colours in their jewelry.

 Modern designs include basic setting with a bale that can be worn with necklace chain or leather string designs.

 The stones need to have strong colour hues or patterns and fire colours to be made into gold setting as less expensive stones are set in silver settings.

Black opals are the most popular in gold and most are in 18 k gold as black opals are rare and the most expensive stone.

 Crystal opal designs look good in gold settings of 14 k or 18 k gold Stones from Ethiopia, Boulder and white fire opals from Coober Pedy do set well in quality gold setting, and diamonds do compliment the crystal hues colours.

 Solid stones set in jewelry include Black, boulder, boulder nuggets, Koroit, Ethiopian and crystal opals.

Other stones include opal doublets and opal triplets that do have bright colours and are better suited to pendant than to ring.

 Fossil shells from Coober Pedy do make good jewelry as the shell is concave or convex so when set the jeweller bezels sets the shell to show off the best colour.

Opalized shells are also good for inlay jewelry designs a s they are some of the brightest colours

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