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Buy Gold Black Opal Pendants Online at Wholesale Prices for natural beautiful black opal Pendants, not man-made opals.

Black opals have body tone rating of N1 to N4 so do ask seller if you are not sure of grading of body tone in your opal black pendant

Most black opal pendants designs are in 18 k gold as this has been the traditional grade gold used but now with higher gold prices 9,10,14 k gold pendants are available.

 so please make sure you understand percentage of gold in these black opal pendants.

Most are shipped with service chain, but these are not gold but plated only and are more for display or light wear as the plating will wear off.

Opals are picked for their directional fire colours when set in pendant, so the jeweller will take this into account when making setting to show the brightest opal fire direction.

With other gemstone this is not important, but opals are unique and each one is different, and each opal has a different directional position that is best for it.

 That is why cabochon opals with fire colour all way around is made into rings and opal that flash sideways are set as bracelets Freeform opal with directional fire are difficult to make into pendant, but jeweller does face the fire in the brightest direction, there is also the side view flash.

some pendants do not show fire colour looking straight at the person but on the side, it has brilliant flash. Side flashes are also some of the brightest colours so do ask for a video if you can’t see all aspects of this setting.

the jeweller does take lot effort to make these black opal pendant settings and you can appreciate his creative design to match fire in these black opal pendants’

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