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Buy Doublet Opal Pendants - Gold Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions is a great place to buy Jewelry online as manufactures can delivery jewellery direct from the factory to you.

Opal doublets set in gold are generally the top end gem quality doublets with heaps fire flash and colours. Gold settings are 14 to 18k gold and stamped hallmark .Chains are supplied but these are only gold plated service chains

Calibrated doublets are bezel or claw set and you might be lucky to find earrings that will match.

Crystals mine din lightning ridge to make good doublets and backing irs natural black potch mine din lightning ridge that is glued onto the crystal so when back is darkened the colours are spectacular and this is why they make so good pendants

Crystals or shell fossils from opal fields South Australia also makes good bright doublets and shells are semi cabochon that is when shells are mined they can easily break and these pieces that are freeform shapes are made into bright doublets

As freeform shapes that are hand made so tis common to make by hand and have simple bale or traditional setting and also to make bezel set deep so chain can fit thru the back of the stone is now popular so when looking at the setting you see all opal and no settings

Ethiopian doublets and even Tintenbar doublets are new to the market and both have deep colours with fire flashes and both these opals are hyrdophane,so extra care has to be taken to make sure these doublets are stable and our sellers do check for this before listing