Opal Festivals And Opal Shows In Australia

Australian opal show and opal festival guide If you’re planning a trip Down Under to Australia you might want to do something iconic and visit some of the amazing opal shows. The annual shows take place typically between March to August. The shows in the opal fields are between March to July, which are considered a more pleasant to cool weather to visit those opal fields. If you plan to visit the South Australian opal fields you can drive from Adelaide up through the opal mining towns to visit Ayers Rock (Uluru).

For the opal lovers and enthusiast, this is great guide to each of the Australian opal festivals and shows.


Don’t miss out on seeing the best collection of rare and amazing opals. When is it you ask? The current dates are now released for the 2018 Australian Opal Show Circuit.

opal show circuit


The Australian opal show circuit starts off at Coober Pedy. Located centrally in South Australia has been called the ‘Opal Capital of the World’ due to the volume of opals mined in the area. In the past, travellers would often go and visit the famous Ayes Rock and the South Australian opal fields to experience the country’s history. April is a good time to visit the Coober Pedy opal fields, as the temperatures is mild, whereas the weather is too hot during the summer months. There are also other opal fields close by that’s worth a visit including Mintabie and Andamooka. The township is situated 900 km below Adelaide International Airport and 750 km distance to Alice Springs where you can view the famous Ayres Rock. View Coober Pedy Opals

Australian opal trade show locations


The Queensland Boulder Opal Association (QBOA) holds the annual Winton Opal Festival. This festival is suited for all Boulder Opal lovers. Winton is located in central Queensland. It’s 1,368 kilometres from Brisbane International Airport, so it’s best to allow 1.5 days of travel to arrive in Winton. Winton roads are fully accessible, transportation is available by car, bus, rail and airport. The Winton opal show also showcases boulder opals from the fields of Jundah and Quilpie. Boulder opals on show will come in all forms e.g. rough, faceted, polished and jewellery set. A special jewellery design competition will be also be exhibited and awarded on the final night of the festival.

Australian opal shows


The Yowah Opal Show is just under 1,000 km inland drive from Winton. There are many campers and SUVs that stay a few extra days to enjoy the scenery and mingly with the friendly folks from this town. Opals from the Koroit opal fields are present in this show along with different types of Boulder opals from Queensland. Koroit is a small town in Queensland which an hour drive from Yowah. The whole town supports this fantastic opal festival and many participate in the Yowah Designer Opal Jewelry Competition. It usually runs just before the Lightning Ridge opal show around the middle of July. This is a truly unique festival that is a must do for opal lovers. View Yowah Opals

yowah opal festival


Located 575 km from Yowah, is the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival. Lightning Ridge is in the state of NSW and is known as the home of the famous Black Opal. The opal festival runs annually at the end of July. Each year the dates are slightly different so always check out this page for the current details.

Every second year the Opal Jewelry Awards are held during the opal show. The next competition is held in 2019. This promises to bring lot more opal wholesalers to the show and the entire town gets involved in the event. Black opal stones, opal rough and boulder opals are showcased at this sthow. There is a special event called Opal Queen Ball held for ladies and you must be over 18 to enter.

Lightning Ridge Opal Festival


This year the Gold Coast Opal Show is a week after the Lightning Ridge Opal Show. The closeness makes it easier to organise for buyers who wants to fly out of Coolangatta aiport. Distance is half an hour drive from the show. T his exhibition is held in Australia’s play ground, the Gold Coast. It’s a different atmosphere compared to beauty of the Outback. There are beautiful beaches, theme parks and restaurants that make it a fun filled event for everyone. This show exhibit amazing opals from all the fields in Australia. Gold Coast in just under 800 kilometres from Lightning Ridge, so it’s a good day trip. Just a word of caution for those that drive there, avoid leaving early in the morning due to the many kangaroos on the roads. It’s best to avoid accidents by leaving the ridge around 8 am.


This show has all Gemstones of Australia from Opals, Sapphires, Emeralds and Gold

nuggets. It usually runs early to mid August.

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