Kalimaya Black Opal

Indonesia does have pockets of small mining operations with manual digging for kalimaya Opal

Unfortunately, most black opal listed on many other sites is treated smoked Ethiopian Opal

Kalimaya opal is not as deep fire colour as smoked Ethiopian opal.

Our verified Opal sellers are experienced and opals listed are in correct category if natural or treated

Today MOST Kalimaya black opal is Ethiopian opal that has been smoked to give a black appearance

smoked black opal


The Ethiopian Opal is placed on a box over a fire and the smoke penetrates the Ethiopian opal as it is hydrophane and therefore absorbs the smoke and becomes black in appearance.

We have the following report from one of our Experienced Verified Sellers from Indonesia who has had first hand experience with natural Kalimaya opals.

Indonesia does have large areas of petrified wood in Banten area close to Jakarta and this wood does have some opalized specimens according to Ministry of Trade of the republic indonesia

The specimens are deep dark black to transparent jelly colour with intermittent flashes opal color known as rainbow opals and Indonesian opalized wood

BUT THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE to find natural opal today and most is treated

Indonesia has a plentiful supply of black petrified wood.

You might see this offered as natural black opal opalized wood.

but it is treated in simple process.

Black petrified wood wrapped in aluminium foil with fine sand and baby and olive oil added and cooked over flame and opal colours will appear in the petrified wood.

dark black smoked ethiopian opal

Ilsaopal talks about Kalimaya Black Opal

As far as I know as an opal seller from year to year and my father is an opal seller & agate original Indonesia for long time also.

In ancient time in Indonesia “opal“ has been called by “kalimaya stone“. This word comes from “kali” (meaning river) and “maya” (the name of the river).

Long time ago in Indonesia have kalimaya mines / opal, preciesly in province Banten. In that mines have dark brown base opal,milky base,black and crystal. In Indonesia , people believe that kalimaya can also increase sex drive and hormone.

But in kalimaya mines banten though have not too many good quality kalimaya and also very hard to find.

And because of high market demand from inside the country and some countries that already know about the uniqueness of kalimaya such as Japan,Korea,China.

And then welo opal began to come to Indonesia from importers india , a lot of miners frustrated because of scarcity of the stone, so they buy welo opal and they called as kalimaya.

Before this truth come up a lot of seller from Japan,Korea,China buy kalimaya stone from kalimaya miners ,when in fact that is welo opal.

Because it seems to me kalimaya and welo opal is not in different type.

“Kalimaya teh” same as “dark brown body base”

“Kalimaya susu” same as “milky white base”

“Kalimaya black opal” same as “dark base welo”

Than opal seller in Indonesia always gave certificate for welo opal and called them kalimaya. And price of welo opal will increase. Because in fact the kalimaya mines has already closed since two years ago.

I have some kalimaya rough and kalimaya stone after polish origin from kalimaya mines in Banten that I have from 3 years ago.

Our policy is to offer natural opal to restore confidence of buyer that Ethiopian Welo opal is the natural stone.

We have received many questions about Indonesian opals a s they have so many names,most are local Indonesian names

But our research has shown that hardly any opal s are mined now in Indonesia in 2015 and some of our experienced verified sellers state the Batan mine has been closed three year with only few prospectors going through potch dumps

Many opals that you see on social sites are agates or quartz gemstones from Indonesia and the main opal mines have all closed down years ago

We have had many enquires for the following terms


Batu opal

Batu black opal

Opal kalimaya


Kalimay black opals

Akiki black opal

kalimaya black opal harga

kalimaya black opal bahan

kalimaya black opal sempur

batu kalimaya black opal sempur

Our research shows that high majority of Indonesian opals listed on other sites are opals from Ethiopia and lot are smoked to give black appearance

Several collectors have contacted with old stocks that they have kept and the opals are very dark black colour with only few hues colour

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Indonesian wood opals almost entirely impregnated with oil and heated but solid Banten opal is impossible to be treated because they are very sensitive to heat. Welo mostly hydrophanes (opaque to transparent / POC decreasing when wet) while Banten opal non-hydrophane and 'reverse' hydrophane (POC increasing when wet).

6th Nov 2018

Hi sounds like you have been offered Indonesian opals on social network site.
First check if buyer is genuine and in the industry or works Justas side line, and does he have his own web site?
Most middle men do not have web sites or member of the opal industry.
We verify our sellers on opalauctions first so that they have ethics and product knowledge.
There is so many treatments today and in Indonesia, lot Ethiopian or welo opals is sold as Indonesian opal and some even has certificates.
Caveat Emptor , buyer beware
View our information articles for more information
This article chats about treated black opal
Gia tells about opal treatments welo opal
opal trip to Indonesia to see mines

27th Feb 2017

So how do you know if it is fake? Someone approached me online about Indonesian opals. Trying to sell black one and a crystal one. So I am curious.

27th Feb 2017

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