How To Pick The Perfect Opal Engagement Ring

how to pick the perfect opal engagement ringTraditionally Diamonds have been the gemstone of choice for an engagement ring but in recent times women are looking for something different, something unique and something beautiful. This is where Opal engagement rings comes into its own. They are light weight, big and bold and the bright flashes of color can be seen from a distance. No one will ever have an Opal that is the same as someone else, they truly are ‘one of a kind’ unique creations from nature. When set in Gold or Platinum and flanked by Diamonds these rings really make a statement about the uniqueness of the person wearing them.

The appeal of Opal comes for the radiant colors seen bouncing within the stone. This kaleidoscope of color is called opalescence and can show every color of the rainbow from purple to red. For couples who are looking for something to represent the individuality of the bride to be there is really nothing else quiet like an Opal.

Opal is Australia’s national gemstone and has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Jewelers in Paris have started to create some amazing pieces of Jewelry using Opal which indicates that it is becoming a mainstream gemstone. Australia produces almost all of the worlds fine Opal ranging from the famous Black Opal to Boulder Opal.

Opal Popularity

Before the 1800’s opal was highly regarded as one of the rarest and most prestigious gemstones available. It was thought to bring love, passion and creativeness to anyone who wore it. The colors mesmerized people and the large stones gave the appearance of wealth to the wearer.

In the 1800’s a story character who wore an enchanted Opal turned to ash when he touched water. After this story the rumor began that Opal was unlucky. That combined with the DeBeers marketing campaign “A Diamond is forever” saw the decline of Opal used in engagement rings. Opals are now the sixth most popular stone for use in an engagement ring.

Choosing The Perfect Opal Ring

With so many colors and varieties of Opal it can difficult to choose the perfect Opal Ring. When looking for an Opal here are some tips.


Most opals are oval in shape because the rough material lends itself to be this shape. If you are looking for a Boulder Opal these are usually kept as a free form shape.

opal engagement ring - opal shape

Body Color

Light opal, Black Opal or something in between like Boulder Opal or Matrix Opal. The body tone of the Opal (either light or dark) will determine how the opal colors are shown. The darker the body of the opal the brighter the opal colors will be. This is why Black Opal is the most expensive Opal of all.

opal engagement ring - opal color

Opal Color

The color that the Opal shows not only determines value but it is the most attractive part of the Opal. With so many colors the wearer must be sure to love them. Purple and blue colors are the most common moving into greens, yellows and finally orange and red. Even though red is the rarest and most expensive color, it does not mean that it is the immediate choice for an opal engagement ring.

opal engagement ring - opal color


Sometimes certain locations might be sentimental. If there is Opal produced in this area it could be a thoughtful and beautiful choice for an Opal engagement ring. Opal is produced in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Europe, USA and South America.

Ring Design

Opal engagement rings are to be worn every day and so they will require special care. Most rings will have an Opal bezel set with metal surrounding the edges of the Opal. This will help protect the Opal for long term wearing. For those who are not in an environment where the ring will be exposed to a harsh environment than a traditional solitaire ring will be perfect.

Opal is complimented by yellow gold, white gold, platinum and even silver. It is the magical colors of Opal that draw people towards it. Those who chose Opal engagement rings will have a truly unique ring that will last a lifetime of cared for correctly.

Some Of our Favourite Opal Engagement Rings

Black opal with Diamonds set in 18K yellow gold. $390

black opal engagement ring

Boulder Opal set in silver - $480

boulder opal engagement ring

Black Opal in white Gold - $1200

black opal in white gold

Black Opal set in Gold flanked with Diamonds. $390

black opal engagement ring

Black Opal in platinum - $2600

black opal engagement ring

Black Opal in white Gold - $3990

black opal in white gold

Crystal Opal in white Gold - $890

crystal opal in white gold

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