Tanzanian Green Opal

Archeological evidence suggests that opals were mined in Africa, in the area today known as Kenya as far back as 4,000 years BC. Those ancient peoples used Opals to make tools.

Honey Opal and Green Opal are both found in Tanzania and posses stunning rolling-fire flashes. They are all referred to as Tanzanian Opal. Green Opal is similar to Jade and is also known as Prase Opal. There is also some Dendritic Opal found which is moss like inclusions that have formed in the Opal.

Green Opal from Tanzania

Holistic Values of Green Opal

Green Opal especially Prase Opal is said to be useful to attract money and prosperity. it is also said to be good for the eyes. This Opal is popular for protecting its wearer against stress and balances blood pressure.

Physical Properties

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Chemical Formula: SiO2+ H2O

Crystal System: Amorphous

Specific Gravity: 1.98 - 2.25

Moh’s Resistance: 5 - 6.5

Refractive Index: 1.370 - 1.470

Fracture: Conchoidal

Firmness: Brittle

Lustre: Vitreous

Cleavage Quality: None

Optical Nature: Isotropic

Colour: Apple-green

Where is Tanzanian Green Opal Found?

Tanzanian green Opals usually feature in freshly uncovered veins on Mount Iyobo along central Tanzania. One of these Opals is referred as “Prase Opal”, which consist of a nickel variety, with chromophores that enlightens the neon bluish-green colour. These kinds of opals are quite similar with the look, which can be separated easily by varying SG and RI, as well.

Both varieties compromise from low-grade solid material into high-quality transparent gemstones. Prase green Opal has the tendency to be more transparent and gemmy. These opals have been recently obtained by stone devotee, especially the mesmerizing Prase Opal rough.

green opal

These two Opals have been mined on Lyobo Mountain, which is situated in central Tanzania for more than 20 years, with the primary accounts being illustrated by Gübelin since 1975. The latest discovery exposed some of the most strong and attractive blue-green material to be perceived by the jewel trade.

Tanzanian Prase Opal

Tanzanian Prase Opal is an electric-green type of Opal with trace amounts of Nickel minerals. It is quite similar to the colour of Chrysoprase and it can be discovered in the same places in the world. Prase Opal is also referred to as African Jade because of its attractive green colour. This opal has been used as jewel materials for millions of years.

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