Brazilian Opal Information

Brazilian Opal is mined in the North East region of the state of Piaua, where there are no large-scale Opal fields and the only equipment used is a generator. Many Brazilian Opals are found in a quarry at the foot of a sandstone cliff and are hand-dug.

Brazil produces beautiful Crystal Opal with unusual pastel fire colors. It is a hardy Opal because it has low moisture content compared to other Opals.

Brazillian Opals

One of the most important mines is Boi Morto where Opal is found is mostly associated within the clay bands.

Brazilian Opal has tended to be white semi-transparent through to a see-through body tone. Though a Boi Morto vein obtained a small amount of Black Opal a few decades ago. The largest Opal found in Brazil weighed an astonishing 4.3 kg.

How is Brazilian Opal Formed?

Brazilian Opal forms in veins or layers of Opals and in alluvial deposits that has been washed down by rivers over centuries or mined on slopes between source and present river floors. Australian Opals forms as nobbies or in seams but Brazilian Opal has been formed differently in dominant rock of sandstone and silt stones.

marc opal miner in brazil

Where is Brazilian Opal Found?

One of our Verified sellers has Opal mine in the Horca area in Brazil.

Marc from Opalbrazil has beautiful natural Opals from his Opal mine in Horca region of Brazil.

It is different scenery compared to Australian desert conditions and the green vegetation and heaps of water are completely different to dry dusty conditions of the Australian outback.

Brazilian Opals are unique in themselves and so different to Australian or Ethiopian Opals.

Unfortunately production is low so not much money is being spent on marketing the Brazilian Opal so many Opal buyers are not aware of the stunning crystal Opals from Brazil.

In late 1980’s this mine hit massive pocket of Opals but since then it has been harder to find good Opals.

During the latest years, a significant existence of precious Opal in Piaui State of north-eastern Brazil has developed. This significant Opal find is in the area of the city of Pedro Secundo, or Pedro II. In fact, Jobbins analyzed these deposits for the Brazilian administration and has stated the following from his findings -  

-Some Brazilian deposits where the Opal is in place for the configuration of veins and levels, close to the intersection of sandstone, or in the soil in sorting them.

-These deposits were discovered in the soil or weathered outline directly beyond the source and have not enthused imaginatively.

-These deposits are usually found on a valley hill between source and nearby river valley floors. 

Brazillian Opal Mining

Opals that are found from all places in the world are usually found with only 5% - 6% water compared with other locations enclosing 10% -12% of water. The significance of this is that the Brazilian Opal has a lower possibility to crack due to the exposure of heat or sunlight. It has also been noted that Brazilian Opal is somewhat tougher compared with other Opals.

Brazillian Opal Mining


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