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Buy Solid opal earrings Online at Wholesale Prices for beautiful Solid opal earrings, not man-made opals

A solid opal means it is a natural opal and not a doublet, triplet or manmade opal.

 Natural solid opals are more prestigious to own as its unique and it is hard to find matching pairs in opal mined opals.

Fire Opal earring pairs from the South Australian opal fields make good earrings as the opal is seam fire or crystal and is easier to make matching pairs.

 Pink opal earrings for Peru or Western Australia do have soft pink hues and look attractive pink hues.

 Crystal opal earrings are transparent, and most are fresh sea colours and look more attractive when worn against the skin as the colours are enhanced.

 Crystal opals with backs closed are known as enhanced opals a s the crystal will look deeper and brighter colour but is still considered natural solid opal.

 These opals are set in sterling silver as gold earrings are now expensive.

 Most designs are traditional claw set with post and silver butterfly and few have Sheppard hooks and these still need pierced ears