Silver Opal Earrings 281 Products

Buy silver opal earrings direct from miners and manufactures. Sterling silver earrings are one of the best opal gifts that you can buy for your partner. Opal Rings are difficult as you need the correct size and pendants can also be difficult if she likes different types to what you buy, but when you give her earrings she will greatly appreciate them.

Just make sure she has pierced ears before you buy and also note if she like a post design or long wing design and then just find your price point and buy for her. You have lots of choices to buy as a gift or for yourself.

Earrings for pierced ears are best but we do have French clip earrings if ears are not pierced. You have a few different type opals and styles to choose from including Boulder opal earrings. These are generally the largest size earrings for opals and most are on Sheppard hooks so they swing and generally the more expensive ones are bezel set. The natural blues and ironstone are great combination with sterling silver.

Ethiopian opal earrings give good sunset fire flashes. Crystal opals are bezel set or as beads so they are long and elegant to wear with Shepard hook. Inlay opal earrings are crystal opals that have been set in silver earrings and most are electric blue colours that complements the silver. Most of these are post design for pierced ears.

Opal doublet earrings have a good selection as doublets are easy to match in pairs compared to other opals so more choice of design is available.

Opal triplet earrings have bright colours and good designs in post or Sheppard hooks. Solid opal earrings are mostly crystal opals, white opals or any type of solid opal including pink opals. Yowah opal earrings are good large size hanging earrings and most have cap on top made silver with Sheppard hooks