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Buy Opal Earrings Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions is a great place to buy Jewelry online as manufactures can delivery jewelery direct from the factory to you. Opal earrings are generally made in 925 silver or 18k gold with doublets, triplets, solid black or boulder opals.

Browse our selection of thousands of opal earrings including Australian black opal earrings and Ethiopian opal earrings. Black opals are the hardest opals to match for pairs to make earrings as when the opal is cut and polished it is rare to get the opals identical, even if formed from the same rock one will have a bit more colour or a bit of sand which makes them slightly different. Please consider this when buying black opal earrings. Good quality black opal is usually only set in 14K or 18K gold. Most Opal earrings will have diamonds to compliment the opal.

Opal and Gemstone earrings are popular as the gemstones compliment the opal colors. Popular gemstones include Chalcedony, Garnet, Peridot and Tanzanite. Peridot gemstones match well with doublet opals with green fire to match colour of the Perdiot. Tanzanite will match well with opal doublets with deep electric blue purple colours.

Most opal earrings are silver earrings as gold is expensive and silver settings are heavier then they look. Silver does blend in well with dark ironstone colours of boulder opal and the bright fire crystal welo Opal. Inlay earrings are generally light weight and have strong blue colours when the crystal opal is inlayed.

Opal triplet earrings have some of the brightest colour with red fire colours and nice patterns and even the smallest triplets have these fire colours. Larger earrings are ideal sheppard hooks so they swing and move when worn. Doublet earrings are perfect if you require large size earrings as doublets are good value with bright colours and compliment when set in hand made bezel set silver earrings.

Yowah opal earrings are made from dark pattern ironstone with hints of vein opal colour and look good with a silver bale on top. Crystal solid opal earrings are best when bezel set to help enhance the colour and are popular with natural sea blue fresh crystal hues.

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