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The DNA of Brazilian Opals.

Brazilian opals are especially privileged. One of nature's greatest quirks are the amorphous gems known as opals. Of all the gems that have a logic to their formation, opals, to this day, are still a mystery. Many questions are still to be answered, why only in a few places are these gems formed?
In each place of the planet a set of elements combine to give rise to different characteristics for opals. The Australian black opals from Ligtn Rigde, which are found in Nobby form with dark Potch, considered the most beautiful in the world reach incredible values of thousands of dollars to the kilat. The Cobber Pedy opals of the white and crystal type are radiant and desirable for their magnificent array of colors, Andamooka has its unique characteristics forming solid opals, and the most famous Boulder Opal is in Queenslad 40 meters deep.
In another corner of the planet, we have the beautiful opals of Ethiopia, with its unique honeycobm pattern, only in Africa exists this pattern and in Indonesia we find black opals of fossilized wood with bright colors.
In Brazil, the opals as its people, are a mixture of everything that exists in the other parts. We have Crystal type opals as beautiful as the most desired ones from Cobber Pedy, we have Boulders as beautiful as Queenlad, and in the patterns already identified we have practically all the same as the Australian opals, including the most desired of all, Harlequin.
Our opals have a great advantage over all others, the high hardness that gives us the title of the most resistant opal in the world. With our rough opals the most experienced cutters can cut without fear of cracks and can produce beautiful gems for more refined jewelry. We also have beautiful doublets made by our cutters who were taught four decades ago by the Australians who came to Brazil in search of our opals.
Today we are presenting to the world, Brazilian opals, as beautiful as the best Australian ones, at very attractive prices and we have already won the hearts of many opalholics. So our store is today the best Brazilian opal store within the opalauctions market place. We know how to price our gems and we are very demanding in quality control, we have 100% satisfaction in more than 200 sales already made.
We have a large stock to offer in special conditions for wholesalers, purchases over 500 cts will have different conditions from the advertised prices.

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We are the new generation of opal miners in Brazil. After decades of the era of the great Australian miners, we took up mining in Brazilian mines in a professional, mechanized and environmentally friendly manner. ATTENTION WE ARE THE ONLY MINING OPALS IN BRAZIL WITH RECORDS AND LICENSES WITH THE AUTHORITIES. BEWARE OF CROSSBOWS
Teresina, Brazil
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  • slagathor

    Arrived as advertised. Good quality, will enjoy cutting as it's my first Brazilian rough.

  • apricop2521

    Very beautiful Opal and love the gift as well, thank you.


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