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Opal posters are now popular as colours opals are so vivid and striking that popular in any surrendering as display.

Posters are educational also to cover black opal mining as Treasures of black opal rough to rare fossils from opalized sea shells to opal pineapple .

Many rare opal patterns that are so expensive now to buy are available as poster including Harlequin post ,Forrest poster

Magical designs of Yowah and Koriot opals to Ethiopian patterns including rare honeycomb pattern that is only found on Ethiopian opals and is rare

Opals Of The World poster has bene our most popular downloaded design. In first month over 50,000 hits on Facebook n Tumblr and now in second month close to 100,000 hits or likes and re bloggs.

Comments include It looks like rainbow hot earth and all colours of rainbow in opals or These images are like United nations of opals.

Opals appeals to younger generation on social sites a s they are not sued to see such natural colours and splendour of mother nature.