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Books about opals are very popular with opal collectors. From modern opal books by Len Cram to Bush stories about the early days of opal mining.

Gemstone magazines have interesting stories about the opal fields, and many old opal books are considered collectible investments.

Many opal book tell stories from the old days.

When most of Australians opals went to England and contain pictures and vivid stories of characters on opal fields

Len cram had many series of Australian opals and his bounded Leather edition opal series are extremely well sort out by collectors.

Opals books for opals collectors include

The opal book printed 1961

Even Australians Metal and glass magazine always has interesting articles about opals

Determined Opal book by stephen Aracic

Many of Len cram books are aimed at education and introduction to opals including.

Beautiful Australian Opals.

A Beautiful souvenir of Lightning Ridge

Opals the Beautiful Gem of Passion

Len crams series of informative opal information include

A Journey with colour

and the Collectors editions of three leather bound books each with certificate

History white cliffs 1889-1999

History south Australia 1840-2005

History Lightning Ridge 1873-1003

Also offered is first opal book written in Chinese

Precious opal from Dubnil

Opal posters are educational especially the body tone and body brightness for black opals.

Other popular posters include

Pattern of Ethiopian Opals

Mining Black opal Knobby

Harlequin black opal pattern

Opal fossil posters

Gem black opals

Koroit and Yowah opals

Our opal literature section also includes novelty miners poster for opal ratters and Australian opal stamps made in 1995