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Buy Doublet Opal Silver Rings Online at Wholesale Prices.

All doublets are made from natural opal and are not man made.

 Opal Auctions has all different design and sizes of Doublet Opal Rings for sale direct from manufacturer, and they are so popular as good value for bright fire colours in an individual opal ring.

Doublets are thin slice natural crystal opal that has back glued on.

This back is natural ironstone form the opal fields in Queensland and Australian Crystal opal is used to make these doublets.

It is labour intensive as crystal must be cleaned and made ready to glue in ironstone.

 Some crystals have inclusions and they are normally cut out, so crystal is clean and looks bright.

The Body tone of some crystal can be N7 but when set onto backing this enhances the colour and makes it deeper and brighter, so it could N2.

This is main reason why doublet opals are so popular in silver sings as you get good value fire colours at an inexpensive price compared to solid opal same colour.

Most of these stones are handmade bezel set into silver rings, as silver is easy to bend over and hold the doublet firm.

 Sometimes it is hard to tell if the stone is solid or doublet as bezel does hide the join on the side Cluster opal doublet rings are popular as they show so much colour as 3 or 5 similar opals are eye catching.

Only recently we are seeing Ethiopian opal doublet rings, as this opal is hydrophane they are difficult to make as good doublet, but they do have deep fire colours.

Most doublet rings have traditionally been oval shape, but now freeform doublet rings are popular as they are so unique and interesting.

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