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Opal engagement rings make a powerful statement of commitment in starting a relationship. Opals are a unique gemstone, each one is unique just like the person who owns the Opal ring.

A Diamond does not have this reputation of uniqueness and is more about the size of the Diamond. But love is not measured by the money spent on the engagement ring stone. Buying a larger diamond is not paramount to a couples love.

But Opals are different.

Each Opal has been formed in a unique way that must appeal to the couple more than an individual. So when a couple starts looking for an Opal they expect one or two small diamonds on the side of the ring but more important they both have to like the Opal first.

The Opal’s play of colour is an important criteria so the ring must have an Opal set that is clearly visible from all angles. We have found that colour play is more important to couples than where the Opal comes from. Opals are all mined as non-conflict and Opal miners do love their Opals with a passion that is not seen in the Diamond industry.

Opals can be from Australian including Black Opal, Boulder Opal, White Opal and Crystal Opal. They can even come from Ethiopia which are primarily Crystal Opals.

Most rings are claw and bezel set which has material on the edge as it protects the Opal. Opal Engagement rings are best suited to natural Opals for everyday wear so we do not recommend treated Opals like smoked Ethiopian Opals, triplets or doublets as the colours do not last long and an engagement ring should be purchased as a once in a lifetime purchase. It is important that it is well made and good quality.

Traditionally all engagement rings have been in gold settings but today more young couples are buying silver Opal engagement rings due to the cost of Gold.

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