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A fantastic Canadian jewelry designer Shelly Purdy, did an amazing job mounting the new opal you sold me back in the same old ring. Your stone combined with Shelly's talent lets the stone shine to its maximum beauty. a professional opal jewelry appraiser here in Toronto has appraised this final piece at $8000. Pretty good for $1500 opal plus a little gold and a few small diamond accents. But the money is nothing compared to the smile the stone puts on my face. read full story

I will definitely be a customer for life. Thankyou to the Opal Auctions staff for your advice and service!

I just went to my mailbox and THERE IT WAS!! The opal I had ordered. I've always wanted a black opal and decided this year with my 40th birthday coming up in October and Opal being my birthstone it was time to get it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It was even MORE beautiful than in the pictures. I've got tears of joy running down my face im sooooo happy!

You've got me as a customer for life. Everyone that I communicated with through email, was very quick to respond, I never waited more than overnight for a response which I attributed to the time differences.

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