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SEDA NO RESERVE 190 cts Boulder matrix opal rough

Dimensions (mm)
40.000 x 31.000 x 20.000mm
Weight (cts)


This is a natural boulder matrix from Opalton Queensland Australia. We have just cut open this material and not faced the colour so there is a gamble in that you have to chase the main colour bar.This material has precious opal embedded in the ironstone and usually is easy to get a top polish on.You can cut stones from it make beads or do some interesting sculptures or carvings

We have taken a photo of the stone wet.

As with all rough there is a gamble in cutting-we have cut some stunning stones with this material which are listed in our sites. We also have had some disappointments and sometimes great surprises with a rough that looks like it wont cut. Some of this material if near the surface has fine fractures in it and when you cut it it will break apart.Some cutters soak it in resin to stop this. I suggest you look at in when dry before cutting so if you are not pleased you can return it.

As with all our stock if you aren’t pleased you may return it for a refund provided it hasn’t been touched in any way.

We have more rough in our sister site SEDA ROUGH OPALS but you can only combine here with shipping [sorry not set up to work between stores}

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Seda Opals: 35 Years of Opal Expertise, Direct to You! UP TO 8 WINS IN NR AUCTION IN 3 DAYS Welcome to Seda Opals, a trusted family-owned business with a rich history in opal mining, cutting, and sales. Founded by Paul Sedawie, who also serves as the current president of the Opal Association Inc., our company is fueled by over three decades of experience. While we recently closed our retail shop/museum at the Gold Coast Opal, we've shifted our focus exclusively to online operations. Through this platform, we bring the opal fields and incredible deals straight to you. Our primary emphasis lies in wholesaling, allowing us to provide you with exceptional value. Paul Sedawie embarked on his opal mining journey in 1986 at the Four Mile field in Lightning Ridge, alongside his first partner, Bob Young. It took them six months to uncover a remarkable stone, instilling in Paul a deep respect for the precious gem and the challenges it presents. Today, Paul's eldest son, Peter Sedawie, has taken the reins, while Ross manages our site. This grants Paul the freedom to travel to various opal fields and revel in the breathtaking beauty of this magnificent stone. The youngest member of our family business, Ross Sedawie, has been immersed in the world of opals since his earliest days. His extensive knowledge and understanding of opals ensure you're in capable hands. At Seda Opals, we stand firmly behind our products, offering a 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. We sincerely hope you enjoy our offerings and wish you the best of luck with your bidding.
Mermaid Beach, Australia
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  • dt1972

    Good seller Fast delivery.

  • shineyrocks1965

    Arrived ahead of schedule. Beautiful opal, love the colors. Very happy with this transaction.

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