Opals Of The World

Take a journey with us and discover Opals of The World. Opal is one of the planets rarest and most unique gemstones. You can purchase any other precious stones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire or diamond, only to find that their colours all seem similar. With an opal you are getting a unique pattern that no one else in the world owns. All opals are unique in their character, shade, depth, colour and pattern play with some more brighter than others.

opals of the world

Australia produces the world’s largest variety of opals. Opals can also be purchased from Ethiopia, Mexico and Honduras which all have their own colour and pattern attributes. No other stone can match opals. The uniqueness of owning a stone that no one else owns is the advantage of opals. Enjoy the Opals Of The World.

The opals on display in the above image include Black Opals from Australia, Australian Cooper Pedy Opal, Australian Andamooka Opal, Australian Koroit Opal, Australian Yowah Opal, Australian Mintabie Crystal Opal, Australian Boulder Opal, Brazilian Opal, Ethiopian Welo Opal, Honduran Opal and Mexican Opal.

Opals Of The World Has been our most popular download for opal posters. People enjoy the natural colours and appealing aspect of the design, shapes and patterns on these opals.

Many lapidary clubs and gemstone shops have requested permission to use this poster but what is most interesting are comments by people who are generally gemstone lovers and that they get excited to see the spectacular opal images.

Feedback from Customers:

  • Opals Of The World is like the United Nations ~all nations all races in complementary colours!
  • ‘Beautiful,just look at all these colours .Its rainbow turned into Stone’
  • They (opals) look like pieces of the universe
  • Amazing what mother nature has created for us! A visual masterpiece!!!!
  • Can I have one of each please?
  • Went to high end jewelry store and saw opals and wanted them all!
  • My birthstone Yes.
  • Brazilian Opal looks like they trapped a disco in a stone

Even college students enjoy pleasure of viewing opals—Its also good to see young people enjoying mother natures creations in this plastic world we live in. 

Our friends in China also enjoy our Opals Of The world poster and this poster has been translated to Chinese.

Chinese opal dealers have been in Australia for over century. Mostly in south Australian opal fields of Coober Pedy. These dealers were rough opal buyers and the rough was sent direct to china for cutting and processing.

Some dealers were based in Hong Kong and in shops today you can mostly likely find more rough opals than in the opal fields.

Today there is an establishing market for opals in china and they enjoy black opals and Ethiopian opals and enjoy boulder opals for clean colours or yowah or Koroit opal fields with ironstone with interesting patterns.

Chinese buyers have always enjoyed agate stones that have patterns so some Australian boulder opals are in demand if they have a unique pattern.

Opalauctions has sold opals to over 147 countries so opals of the world is a fitting name for this unique gemstone.

One buyer from Tahiti, a French controlled island in the pacific stated.

We love our rare black pearls but now I have a black opal with colors, brighter than our Pacific Ocean.

One retired usa serviceman who has visited Australia 50 years earlier stated about his boulder opal.

Gorgeous boulder opal all the colors, magnitude 10 better than pictured! I need new optic nerves!

Many of our buyers resell in their country. especially in Europe due to language barrier. France and Germany are good buyers for opals and many buyers sell on local online sites or market stalls that are very popular

Even developing countries from south America , brazil to india and Vietnam have been buyers of opals and one of our best opal sales was to Azerbaijan in central Asia

People all over the world can enjoy our unique special Opals

All of these opals and many more are for sale on Opal Auctions direct from the source.


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