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Buy Mexican Opal Rough online direct from the mines at wholesale prices. This fire opal form Mexico has good reputation for strong colours and is ideal to cut a s color bars are thick and stones can be cabochon or faceted. Most parcels of fire opals are reasonable priced and contraluz opals are in great demand.most common words used to describe Mexican fire opals include Flash opal.Cantera ,Contrluz ,,exican black opal,Carbonera ,and pink opal.so parcels rough maybe have crystal to light and dark potch and some large jelly opal specimens.

Some specimens rough have bearing rock of potch and colour inside these rocks

Mexico has had opal mines since 1870 and have supplied opal cutters all over the world

Around 1960 there were 500 opal mines in mexico but today there are only few and some good producing mines in Puerto Vallarta near town Magdalen Jalisco

Mexican opal have been cut all over the world form Europe ,usa to Asia and most collectors do have Mexican opals in their collections.Even in china I saw top 120 carats Mexican opal sell for hundreds thousands dollars and the wholesalers had bought the stone in rough and cut it himself

Leopard opal rough from mazatlan, sinaloa, Mexico cuts great cabs as large pieces rough are cut into slices and colour is in the matrix potch ,sometime sit take slot polishing to get good finish

So ther e is always chance to find good stone in parcel or rough form mexico


When opal arrives and you are not 100% happy you can return for refund.

But if you alter or cut the rough it is yours and we cannot exchange

However, if you touch any piece, you are excepting ownership and negative feedback cannot be left.

But comments can be made as neutral if the rough opal didn’t cut to your expectations.

Please study carefully before cutting