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Buy opalite opals direct from cutters of the unusual opal know as opal cats eye from brazil south America

It has rolling flash effect like cats eye rolling ,hence the name for this stone.

It was formed during the tertiary period ,about 20 million years ago.

The silica formed over millions years on clay base that turned bedrock liquid silica crystalized, becoming catseye opal a s we know it today and Cats-Eye Opalite is a rare chatoyant form of Opal.

Not many other firms have this effect but other Africa ,or Tanzanian also has this cates eye effect

Opalite is green colour with veins or inclusions so not clean like parasite but this makes interesting pattern in this opal and ideal for ring stones and the movement of the hand greatly enhances the cats eye effect and many people would not recognize this as an opal

Opalite Opals direct from the mines of Africa. In the early 1990’s a new type of Opal surfaced in Mezezo Ethiopia Africa and it is stunning. Opal Auctions has all shapes and sizes of Ethiopian Welo Opal for sale.

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