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Buy Gold Crystal Opal Rings at wholesale prices from our verified sellers who only sell natural opals, not man-made crystals.

 Crystal opals are now popular as opal rings, but they are not easy to find, as the opal miner is mining in areas that are not easy to find cabochon crystal opal.

Most crystal opals are more flat or thin and these crystals are set in silver pendants, and only best ones go into crystal opal gold rings. Colors can vary from sea blue to emerald green and to multiple fire colours

Freeform shapes are popular if they are cabochon and high dome and if crystal was formed as opalized shell and these shell opals can be very bright.

 Lot these shell opals are set in Inlay or enhanced to bring out the colours, but if the colour bar is thick they do make ideal crystal opal gold rings.

 Opal must be minimum 2 mm, but 3-5 mm thickness is best and if bezels et the opal reflects lighter and is brighter when worn on finger.

Lot crystal opal rings look so different on your finger than in shop, so ring should be worn to see exact colour.

Most blue greens are very translucent or semi translucent opals and only the best crystal make opal rings in golds settings.

 Less expensive opals are set in silver and if back is enhanced they are too called enhanced. Traditional gold rings have had diamonds around the focal opal and modern designs have simple designs to match the opal.

Gold crystal opal rings are not common, and owner does own a unique piece jewelry that could be one off design which is rare in other gemstones.

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