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Opal Beads Direct from the Opal mines at Opal Auctions. Buy Online At Wholesale Prices. l Auctions we have all shapes and sizes for sale. Koroit Beads, Ethiopian Beads, Faceted Beads and Inlay Beads, mosaic in large focal sizes or small sizes

Each opal field has a distinct fashion look and can make formal or casual necklaces or single piece as fashion statement

Matrix boulder makes beautiful necklaces as colours are mixed in the ironstone and veins can be bright and nice patterns

Boulder necklaces can be bright but lot colour is lost making these pieces compared to pink opal from western Australia which is all opal and easy to make into any shape

Mosaics are the brightest design as this is mad e of small bright chips glued onto round shape and back is enhanced black so the colour looks super bright. This is same process for Inlay which is small chips and back is enhanced black and makes brighter bead

Mexican necklaces or single pieces are good for focal bead a s orange fire colours are popular in fashion ,Peruvian necklaces are mostly blue colours but some are pinkish tones

Combinations of beads can also make an ideal necklace a s matrix can be mixed with coober pedy opals so you have contrast in the necklace of black browns n white colours

Ethiopian beads are really bright and some ore dyed or smoked black and necklaces are full opal compared to other fields that only have small amount opal on potch .coulrs can be sea blues to fuire sunset colours

For shipping the beads are described as strand a s if called necklace they are considered jewelry and many countries have high duty of jewelry pieces