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Buy No Reserve Auctions Jewelry Only

No Reserve Opal Jewelry Auctions is good category for opal wholesalers or jewelry manufactures to introduce their opal jewelry range. Most opal jewelry offered at no reserve is sterling silver with solid , triplet and doublet opals. Boulder opals with a hole drilled on an adjustable necklaces are also offered in this category.

Our opal sellers all have product knowledge and have exact description if opal is sold and natural or if treated.  Manmade opals are not allowed on this site but side stones to pendant or ring can be cz or man made diamonds. Opals can be triplet, doublet or solid opals.

Doublet jewelry has ironstone added to the base of the opal. Triplet jewelry has man made top and bottom with a slice of natural opal between. Solid opals can be crystal, black or boulder opal from Australia or international opal jewelry from Mexican or Brazilian and Ethiopian opal. If any solid opal is treated our sellers will add to description so you can have confidence when buying.

If Ethiopian opals are dark in color they can be smoked or Andamooka opal is treated. Majority of solid opals listed are natural with no treatments.

  • Silver jewelry is stamped hallmark 925
  • 18k gold jewelry is stamped hallmark 750
  • 9 k gold jewelry is stamped hallmark 375
  • Gold plated or silver plated with no stamp is plating on base metal such as pewter.

Please enjoy viewing our Opal jewelry range as we have over 10,000 opal jewelry in gold and silver setting