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Opals Of The World, International opals in No reserve come from many countries and all are natural opals. The opal is listed at $1.00 and will sell for whatever the highest bid is African opals from Ethiopia are offered natural or treated and listed as smoked opals. Ethiopian opals are popular a s they represent good value and these hydrophane opals do have some beautiful unique patterns to rolling flashes. Ethiopian opals are direct from mines in Gondar, Wegel Tena Welo and new Stayish opal fields has dark colored opals compared to other fields in Ethiopia Mexican opals are famous worldwide for fire opals as well a s contra luz opal but production is limited. Matrix opal and Mexican cantera opals are great value so you can own earthly looking opal with matrix potch and colour of the opals to make good ring stones. Brazilian opals have good reputation as strong durable stones as they have very little water content and incredible veined patterns, but supply is limited Occasionally opals are listed in this no revere opal category from Honduras, Indonesian, Peruvian opals, and use opals Buyers can request an Opal sheriff audit by gemmologist on any listing as our sellers must comply with our strict code and accurate descriptions.