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Opal display cases are essential to keep your opals and gemstones safely stored. Not only do cases show your opals off but they do keep them in system they do not get lost. Too many collectors keep their opals in plastic bags that they are shipped in and over while these deteriorate and opals can be lost We recommend small plastic opal display cases and most popular size is 40x40 mm and these are available in depth sizes either 6 or 12mm for thicker opals The bases are dual black or white so black opals look best on white setting and crystal opals look good on black background. Also round plastic cases are available and are 30 mm dimeter and 19mm deep Once you have built up your opal collection it is best to store in display case Most opal display cases are wood and hold for 20 to 50 opals depending on how big your collection is.The lid keeps display safe while travelling or in storage and also are good if selling as it is easy to see your full opal collection. It is best to keep as uniform as possible so if you have half black and half white foam cases it is best to keep in two display cases. Jarrah or oak are best timbers for staring your opals in and plastic ones are available also Opal Ring displays are also available and once again in black or white displays and available in 20 piece lots.Best to store your opals out of direct sunlight.

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