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Contraluz opal is sometimes the first words a new opal buyer will hear when asking about opals.

It is one of those words like harlequin pattern that everyone in the opal world talks about.

Contra Luz in Spanish means “against the light”. This type of opal is famous due to its diffracted play of colors that is unlike other valuable opal. It is a glass like opal in that the light can pass through the stone.

ContraLuz is known as the rainbow within the opal when it is backlit. Only a small percentage of opal can show this effect.

ContraLuz opal is mostly from Mexico and has worlds reputation as opal fire colors in this beautiful opal.

Some Ethiopian and Australian opals have been classified as this type of opal but it is really rare

It is rare to  this type of opal in other countries ,but the most famous one was found in Oregon USA, and was described the Nebula as a captured Universe o r a Hologram, more than just a stone.

The Butte opal mine in Oregon has produced some beautiful specimens

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